#167 Take the Recapitulation Road

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Do not hesitate to take the Recapitulation Road that awaits you. Your future lies ahead, yet must you travel this road of the past in order to be fully aware and capable of living your future fully, and wholly. Whether you choose to hurry along it, or take it slowly, so must you not miss all that lies waiting along its wayside, upon its banks, and along its curves and stretches. There is no road more important to take in that life, for this road will lead you to discover and uncover the mysteries and the hidden truths of the self. Only then can you truly exist upon that earth, in readiness for evolutionary growth. Otherwise, are you stuck, and more or less doomed to repeat your hard-earned experiences in one form or another.

Aid yourself by bravely choosing the Recapitulation Road over all others, and in so doing aid the future of the planet, and partake in the evolutionary potential available to you. Your stubbornness, your reluctance, and your fear are not attractive. If you call yourself an evolving spiritual person, then must you do the work of such a being. Otherwise, are you merely playing games, and in truth, is that not acceptable behavior. Do you truly dare to step out into an amazingly extraordinary future by recapitulating so that you may find your truths? Or do you choose to quit on yourself?

Contemplate meaning and direction in your life. Why do you think you are there upon that earth? For your own pleasure and fancies? To gain wealth and fame? To grow fat and lazy? I doubt that you will find any of those results very satisfying, especially in light of the fact that there is so much inside you that continues to trouble you.

I urge you all to take the Recapitulation Road. It is the road that awaits you every day. You never know where it will lead, for it goes both backwards into your inner you, into your past; and it goes ever-flowing forward into your potential, your future, and your emptiness. In emptiness will you find energy and ability that you have no access to now, except perhaps in spurts of revelation, alerting you to the fact that you are a spiritual being.

Look for the spiritual experiences that seek to guide you along your way. Look for the signs that point you inward to the Recapitulation Road. And then look outward for new signs that you will be more alert to, and aware of, as you do the work of the inner self. For they will not be noticeable or acceptable to you until you have cleared away the inner debris, and freed your vision, and your knowing. You have much to be eager for and much to experience. Do not be afraid. You are only going down the inner road of the self, exploring your hidden treasures. You might be very surprised to discover that what awaits is nothing more than miraculous! How do you find this Recapitulation Road? Look for the signs. They are right there, inside you.

(A note from Jan: Jeanne is very confrontational in this message, but what she is saying here is that we are always on the Recapitulation Road. Every day we have signs that point us to our deepest issues. She is daring us to notice them now, and to investigate them, with awareness. She is also pointing out that we have no idea, really, where they are leading us, because the results of recapitulation are not what we expect, but, in fact, lead us to our wholeness.)