#166 Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for humanity today?

I offer individual guidance that is appropriate for all of humanity to learn and grow from. The guidance I offer is to be taken in to the individual personal life, and allowed to be worked, and reworked, until there is the possibility of change. That is what must happen now on the broader scale, change must happen, but you must each desire change first, within the self, for there to be change on a greater level. How can you expect the world around you to bravely change if you yourself are afraid of change in your own life?

Challenge yourself first, then challenge those around you, then challenge the greater world to change. But there will be little progress if you do not dare the self to begin the process. Those of you who have been reading my messages for a long time now, have had the opportunity to enact change in your lives over and over again as this is what I most encourage, and most often dare you to embrace. Change is all that is needed to begin to experience the world, and yourself, differently. You have learned about fear. You have learned about energy. You have learned about your place in the universe, and the connection of all. But have you begun to put together your new knowledge, and enact change in your own life? Have you dared to acknowledge that you need change? Have you allowed yourself to soften your inner you, so that you can hear your truths being spoken, whispered to you? Or perhaps your inner you is screaming through the tough walls of old habits and ancient ramparts that have stood for so long, blocking your inner voice, so that now it is hoarse from shouting, and desiring your notice at last. Change is necessary. Change is desirable, and change is absolutely the next step if you are to get anywhere in that life. There will be no evolutionary growth if change is not allowed to begin the process.

Today must you disregard the old self, and ask the new self to step forward. Remember when I asked you to step out the door, clothed in your spirit self? Well, today is another opportunity to begin that process again. Each day do you have this opportunity, yet do you refuse, or fear the chance to change. It is but childish reluctance that continues to dominate. Refuse such control. Change!

To remain stuck where you now are, replaying over and over again the same old recording of your life will eventually lead to oblivion, and that, my dears, would be a disaster. Look to yourself for the means of change. Look not outward at others who offer the elixir to life, but look inward where you carry deep wells of truth, and the real waters of knowing. There is nothing outside of you that can match your own inner knowing, but how will you ever discover this if you do not begin to search for it? Change is now the most important of tasks. Change will begin the unfolding process that is most necessary for all of you, each one of you who now resides upon that earth. It is your duty to change, to begin the new evolution of mankind.

Accept everything as a sign that you must change now. It is important. What do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain? The answer to both of those questions is the same: everything. You have the opportunity to lose and gain everything, everything that now holds you stuck, and everything that now awaits your discovery. Do you choose to stay stuck, teetering on the edge of change, caught between the everythings of life? Or do you choose to make the move toward real growth? I dare you all to finally, and decisively, make the change in your life that is most meaningful for your spirit self, and your evolutionary growth. Whatever it may be, do know that change is inevitable, and far better is it to choose your direction and be one step ahead of the coming disaster, already well along on the path that will be presented to you anyway. Choose it now, or later? It does not matter, one way or the other must you make the choice to change, or not. Why not begin the process, and enjoy the results as soon as possible. Change is inevitable, but change can also be enjoyable and freeing if you choose it because you know you want it.

Study that today. Change? Are you ready for it? Do you accept your inner challenge to change yourself? Do you wish to begin the process of change that will enable you to grow, in ways you have yet no inkling of? Do you dare to allow yourself to go on a grand adventure into your inner you? I highly recommend it! You’ll find it fascinating, challenging, and deceptively easy once you open the door and begin the process. The hardest part is to dare. Dare yourself to begin the process of change. Change your thinking. Change your self. Change your perspective on life. Change your attitude about your course, your direction, and your progress thus far. Go now forward with a new face. Open the door, and step out into the world of change. Go with the flow of it, and allow yourself to discover something new about yourself today. Then discover something else, and see what happens. Allow yourself to begin the adventure of change and discovery. It’s about time, and you deserve it, for you alone, and that should be incentive enough!