#165 You are a Complete Classroom

Dear Jeanne,
Any words of wisdom for us all today?

Behave with the utmost of self-scrutiny. Question your every action; your every move, decision, choice; and all else that allows you the opportunity to learn. You are your own greatest teacher. Be the best student you can be as you study your own life. Be thorough, be diligent, and be increasingly competent in your search for wholeness by remaining steadfast in your conviction to grow. You will succeed if your focus is on growth and connection to your own inner self, but you will continue to stumble if your focus constantly plays outward, focused on others. Return your seeking light towards the self. Refuse participation in the rituals and festivals that steal your focused energy from your inner work. Refuse all that pulls you from your contemplation, and your calm meditations on your own life, and your own inner spirit needs.

You do not need to go so far afield in order to find the answers to your questions. You do not need to travel so far away in order to find healing and fulfillment. Your travels need not take you anywhere, except into your own inner realms. Study your own terrain. Look over the map of the self more often, rather than the maps of the outer world. Look into your inner questing self for answers, rather than seeking answers with those who know. There are many people upon that earth who do the work of the spirit, yet do you not need them, except as a sign that the work of the spirit is the true work of man, and the work of truth for all men to seek resides, not with others, but with the self.

You are a complete classroom, equipped with every learning tool necessary for a thorough study of the self, a never ending university of the spirit self. And your guide resides upon the throne of knowledge, awaiting your entry into the classroom. Step into your own classroom, prepared especially for you, with all you need, ready to serve you, to teach you, to enlighten you, and to test you, so that you may continually learn and prosper. The windows of your classroom do not look out upon others, nor upon the world around you, but instead reflect upon you only what you must learn about the self. The teacher is your own knowing self who seeks to wake you up, for you have stayed up half the night looking for distractions elsewhere. Such activity will only gratify your curiosity, but it will not satisfy your deepest need to truly know the self. How can you ever truly know the self, if you continually turn away from the self and look elsewhere for the answers, though they lie asleep inside you, just waiting for you to discover them?

I have spoken often of recapitulation as the method to use in order to begin to know the self. This must all use, in the classroom of the self, the best teaching method now available. It is the intense scrutiny of the self that will liberate you from the self of the past so that you may finally grow. But how can you grow, if you are stuck in the past? The thinking, judging, unknowing past that cannot release you to proceed on your journey, unless you return to it, and free yourself from its grasp. Only then will you be free to move on, and explore further, doing advanced research into other realms of energetic persuasion. To remain caught by the past will inhibit any growth, as the past has a tendency to pop up, at the most inconvenient of times, to thwart your progress. I suggest that the best work one can do in that life, is to free the self from the past, by confronting it, and releasing the self from its clutches. In order to do this, must you turn inward, away from all distractions, and fully enter every aspect of your life thus lived, and relive it, with clarity, free of judgments, free of others’ eyes, focusing on the bare truths that you have thus far avoided.

In recapitulation, is there total release of all past habits and distractions that continually seek to take your focus away from growth, and keep you bound to old comforts. Time to break away now from those old patterns of behavior, and begin the greatest challenge of your new growth period, the challenge of accepting the self as teacher, and student, and learning what you truly hold inside you.

Refuse the next pull to seek the elixir that will finally cure you of your pain, for there is no elixir that will cure the inner you, except the one you hold now in your grasp, and that is your inner knowing that the only one you must turn to is the self. There is no other cure, for only you hold the answers, the truths, the challenges, the beauty, and the bounty that is you.

Seek inner knowing. Seek quiet. Seek personal time, to go bravely inward, and see who you are underneath all that you have laid over yourself in order to get where you are today. Remove the layers of life, and rediscover who you truly are underneath. Recapitulate how you got here, and then continue that process as you proceed forward in your growth, confronting and questioning yourself, constantly, in order to constantly learn and stay upon the path of true learning. Your inner you awaits your entry into the research lab. You never know what you’ll discover once you begin the process of recapitulation. You may find something you never imagined, a hidden treasure, a buried truth, a fine specimen.

Go with courage, bravery, and innocence; keenly aware and alert; open minded, and accepting of all truths; and you will succeed as you go traveling into the inner you.