#164 Access Your Energy Body

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for humanity today?

Go soft now, as you hear my message for today. Allow your physical body to relax so that you can access your energy. Begin to feel your energy as it vibrates beyond your physical body. Release it from the confines of your skin, your being, and feel it expand outward, and away from you. Begin this process in order to understand and access your energy body. Learn to connect to this aspect of the self, the self as far more than just flesh, and bones, and cells, and fibers, but as pure energy. For beyond that body you now inhabit, are you, in fact, pure energy. Do you not feel it? Do you not wish to acknowledge that this is so? Do you not understand that this energy that you are is the most important factor in being?

This energy that you are is capable of so much more than just inhabiting your body. It is capable of anything you can imagine, and much more. If you allow yourself to begin to feel this aspect of the self so do you open the door to understanding much more about life, and death, about energy usage, and, ultimately, about your own life, your own lives, and your purpose for being. Energetic vibration can be felt, and this you have already experienced in your lifetime, though you may not have recognized it as such. Your rational mind, and your physical body seek to keep you grounded in accepting only that which appeals to such concrete realities as touch, think, and feel will allow. But beyond that, is there knowing, resonance, and the ability to perceive your own energy field. This you must begin to practice, accepting that it exists, and then learning to actually feel it, or you will have little success in accepting most of what I speak of.

I know there are skeptics among you, but skepticism is but fear of the unknown, a shield that keeps you from exploration that might just force you to have to change, and that can be scary. But in order to understand the world you live in, both the concrete physical world, and the obscure mysterious world of amorphous thought, and energy, must you dare yourself to explore a little.

Today, I suggest that you begin to concentrate on feeling your own energy body. Aside from your physical body, this is pure energy, with no weight or mass, simply pure vibratory energy. Everything in your world is of this sort of energetic configuration, though your perception is of the heavy sort, keeping you restrained by what you may have been taught, what your physical eyes see, and what your rational mind chooses to accept. Allow now your spirit knowing, and your spirit that chooses the possibility of everything, to guide you to explore a new world, where everything is vibratory, and alive energy, not confined to anything, except the shape it has chosen to take today.

Your own body holds your energy in the shape you feel and see, but you have the ability to perceive it as bodiless. If you are but pure energy, so can you manifest that energy anywhere, any time, and in any form you desire. Though this may seem incredible, yet do you already do it, simply by using your own power of thought. Send your thoughts, your intent, and you send your energy, to anyone. Test this today, and see what happens. Think of one person you would like to contact using your intent, your energetic intent. Manifest yourself before that person, and then see what happens. Use your energy body to test the power of your intent. Test your energy body, but also feel it. This is most important for you to begin to practice, not only the power of it, but the feel of it. For in beginning to feel your own energy, will you begin to open doors. Your mind will loosen the strongholds that keep you bound to that world, and your ability to grow and evolve will begin to manifest in your present reality.

I urge you all to notice, more often, your energetic presence. Begin to test it, to feel it, and to use it. Look for examples of energetic resonance all around you as you begin to allow this energy that is you, to guide you. Soften your physical body, and begin to access your energy body. That is what I ask of you today, all of humanity. You have no idea what awaits as you discover who you truly are.