#163 The Inner Egoless Self

Dear Jeanne,
What kind of guidance do you offer us today?

Don’t be afraid. I offer you access to your own awareness, and your own deepest abilities that you have yet to unearth and exercise. So many of you seek perfection of the body, but how many of you seek true perfection of your own soul? Who seeks to truly know the self? This is what I offer you, a few new techniques, and a few old ones too, ancient ones that you can utilize to capture your spirit, and bring your focus back to what is really important in your life. Yes, your body is of utmost importance, but far greater must the focus become on your inner self, for this is where you truly live from, if you are to evolve.

Find your center daily. Begin always from this inner place of calm and balance, and get out of bed in this centered place, knowing the true self, and allow this recognizable self to be with you throughout your day. I do not advocate covering it up so much, as many tend to do, thinking it will get hurt or bruised in some way. That is your ego, not your spirit that you confuse so often. Your inner spirit you has no ego, this is what you seek to find in you, your pure innocent self, separate from your ego, separate from your inner child, and separate from your big baby self. The inner spirit self will not be injured because there is nothing it fears, nor are there any dangers to it. There are plenty of fears of the ego and the big baby, and plenty of old habits laced with fears. But in reality, is your calm inner spirit free of such burdens, though it may have to remove them, like covers placed over it, in order to emerge, get past the big baby, and the ego you have nurtured all these years, in order to emerge into reality.

If you are reading my messages, are you also interested in finding this ancient spirit self who lies asleep, or smothered inside you? This aspect of the self never dies, though it may not yet be awoken, in this life, either. Are you waking it up? Allowing it to emerge to become part of your life? Are you allowing it to guide you, participating in your life, and living and breathing more fully now? All of this is good, and all of this is necessary if you are to consider your life as an evolutionary journey.

So today, I suggest that you really investigate that inner egoless self. I know it exists; you just have to allow it to emerge, without fear. The fear is, as I have said, merely a teacher along the way, but a master teacher, and never to be ignored. If you do the work the master teacher expects, then do you graduate with honors, and allow yourself a new freedom as you accept your journey.

A journey is meant to have challenges, and all journeys will inevitably have many moments of despair and equally many of success. But turn always your focus to the journey of the inner egoless spirit self, and you will discover your true journey. Do not be afraid of this journey, though it may challenge you to change and shift often as you learn how to navigate life in a new way. In the end, it will lead you where you need to go, on a continually challenging and amazing voyage into the self, and then beyond the self.

Find your calm center, and stay there now and throughout your day. Allow your innocent truth to be revealed to you as you continue to work on breaking down the truths of the ego, into little bits and pieces that you no longer need to carry around with you. When you have shed the ego, then will you discover your true innocent self, and you will understand your centered calmness better, and more fully experience it.