#162 Fear

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance do you have for us today?

Today, I speak of fear because far too many of you are caught in the implications of fear. It is only a catalyst for your growth, and should not be embraced. It is not the accomplice you wish to take with you on your journey, but do allow it to hold open the door so you may step into the adventure that is awaiting you.

Do not allow it to grab at your arm, or pick at your clothing, as you step through the door that it has opened for you. Do not hesitate, for it is the right door. But fear will seek to entrap you. It knows how you breathe, and sleep, and walk, and talk. Yet does it not know that you will overpower it, simply by turning away from it, and walking past it into the place it signals you must go.

Once beyond fear, the adventure will guide you. The next step will take you into a new world, and each step beyond that will take you further and further from that dark shadow of fear that used to live so near you. Attempt now to shed yourself of this old rag of a habit, and take a new step today, boldly, yet assured that it is right. For even as you dare, must you also invite your inner spirit to take over now. And this inner you is supremely capable of walking now through that new door, with confidence, and awareness to guide you correctly as you go.

Remember, fear does not like to be ignored, but you must ignore it if you are to rid yourself of its filthy habit of picking and licking at you as if you were a tasty dish to eat. Enter that door it holds wide open, daring you to enter, and daring itself to hold open for you, for it knows it is risking its own demise, yet does it also know, that is its task. So be now as bold and daring as your own fear is as it invites you to step away from the old moldy taste of itself and into the new banquet hall where feasts await. Feasts of the spirit await. Feasts of the daring self who boldly wishes for change and seeks it in too many other places, but now must face the inner truth, the inner door that leads you where you must go. No other door, except the door that fear holds open, is meaningful. No other door will lead you where you need to go. Only the door that fear holds open is the door to step through, even though it may be plastered with signs of: Danger, No Exit, and Stay Back!

Be aware that those signs are the right ones, meaning quite the opposite. For once you read them correctly, with your inner eyes, and your inner knowing, then do you understand their meaning. Allow your biggest fear to point out the door you must open, and place one foot in front of the other, and walk through it. That is your next challenge, your next test, and also your next amazing step on this journey. Look to yourself for the proper guidance, and look to your fear. That is all you need.