#161 Watch for Signs

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any guidance for us all today?

Watch for signs. Seek out what is trying to tell you how you should be guided. Follow not your instinct alone, but combine it with what is being shown to you. Attempt to interpret based on all that you know, all that you have already learned, and combine that with your inner knowing that seeks balanced acceptance in your everyday life. Signs are all around you, but do you notice them, do you pay deep attention to them, and do you figure out what they mean in the context of your own present life? What is the meaning of now? What is the purpose of the present moment in your growth? Focus always on that, and then look for the signs that will enable you to make the right choices. Today is a day full of signs, and your job is to make the right choices, the choices of heart, of spirit, and of inner knowing. Look, listen, and carefully analyze, and you may find sweet success as you take your next step in a new direction. Open a new door today. Take a new step today. Bend an old rule today. Break an old habit today. The energy is supportive of these endeavors. Dare yourself, and watch the signs that appear to guide you. Pay attention!