#160 Join the Energetic Revolution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Be aware that your place in that world is meaningful and sacred. Be aware that your place in that world is prepared so that you may achieve equilibrium and fulfillment of personal issues, and that you may grow exponentially to achieve ultimate completion. Be aware that even as the world does suggest devastation, both naturally occurring, and as a result of the fierce battles of man vying against man, so is there room for all to do what they must. But in order for growth, must there first be concerted effort, on the part of all who now reside there, to become active in preserving and developing continuity of purpose, and communion with all, on a new level.

Turn down desire for possession and domination. Turn down fears of others, and your own fears regarding deficits and famine. Those who now rule will eventually fall, that is inevitable. But with concerted, directed intent to change is there possibility to shift the driving power, from greed-driven intent to spirit-driven intent. Disregard all that is greed-driven now; it is anti-spirit. Even within your own lifestyle begin to simplify, organize, and limit your excesses. Become aware of how you, as an individual upon that earth, affect it, and begin to change your habits of usage.

Turn your attention back to nature, to the soil at your feet, and to the air that you breathe. With intent, and focus of spirit on unifying all in order to prosper, not on a material level, but on a spirit-driven level, is there possibility for immediate change. Even as prayer groups, and meditation groups, and spirit gatherings do intend for peace, and actively participate in energetic change, so is there possibility for you, as an individual, to begin to have affect by changing your own habits, and your own little world. Join the energetic revolution by using your spirit intent, but also your actions, to enact much needed, purifying change.

With concerted effort in your own life, by scrutinizing your own usage of the earth’s bounty, and determining just how little you need, can you begin a new revolution of change. All are not meant to dominate as rulers and kings seek domination, but all are meant to share in the earth’s gifts. Do not deny such sharing by taking more than you need. Re-invigorate the earth by making changes every day so that your energetic intent may be felt and have affect.

I speak again of energy because that is how everything works. If energetic intent is focused on greed and overconsumption, then will there be great suffering, even among those who have an overabundance of everything. If intent becomes energetically focused on peace and calm, simplified living, then is there going to be such energy spread upon that earth as it is felt, reciprocated, and spread further. Yes, energy can change the world. Intent, the power of thought, the power of prayer, and the power of energetic change has great potential to cause a shift in earth’s direction, toward natural abundance and spirit awareness. Do not doubt this. As more people become aware of the energy of their own intent, the power of their own thought, to heal themselves first, then is there future possibilities of healing and changing the world, both the natural world, and the world of man against man, the interpersonal, international; and the inter-connectedness of all mankind may have the opportunity for great change.

Use your own energy today to study your own place upon that earth. What is it that you really seek in your life? Is life really so complicated? Must it be? Can’t you imagine a very simple, pared down life for yourself, your feet firmly planted upon that earth, and your powerful spirit balanced, and capable of healing, as it should be? Begin the process of simplification of your own life now. Begin also a process of discovering what compassion, and universal love and caring really mean. Step out of your old habits, and accept some new ideas today in order to gain a new balance upon that earth, and in your own spirit intent. Try your power of intent, and use it wisely and well, and see if you can’t begin to change your world a little. You know you can. You just have to intend, and then act upon it. Begin to change, and the energy will flow with you.