#159 Take Off the Mantle

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Take off the mantle now, and expose your truths, to yourself first, then allow that truthful you to become the one who steps out the door in the morning and enters the world. As you take your own journey, your individual journey, into the realm of your own mysteries, and discover your own seeking, yet still quiet, spirit, allow for truth to be your tool with which you prod yourself awake. Be gentle, yet be firm, with your slumbering spirit self. Allow for gentle awakening even as you expect full alertness and awareness to finally become the normal state of spirit being. As your drowsy inner self wakes up to the realities of your life, invite not only truth to be your guide, but also insist that diligent hard work, focused on the outer journey thus far taken, and the inner journey only begun to be explored, requiring more that gentle urging, must remain firmly in place.

Even as you accept the gentleness of your own soul, and the awareness of your inner spirit seeking renewal, so must you also accept the superior strength of your inner spirit as well. It is resilient, ready to awaken and be given the opportunity to finally have an active life upon that earth. By allowing your spirit to escape the confines of the mantle placed over it by the conventions of life, and the secrets and lies imposed so long ago, so do you release it to its true energetic form. And this energy, once released into truly living upon that earth, will invigorate you, and carry you into quite unexpected places of growth. Allow those mantles to be torn off. Allow the gentle emergence of your true spirit self, and discover the energetic equivalent of a boost of power to jump-start you on your journey. With the right intention, of utilizing this boost in energy for your inner exploration, do you allow your spirit to become your guide, pointing out to you, not only your inner direction, but also your outer direction upon that earth in the life you now live.

I do not want you to believe me when I suggest guidance to you. I do, though, want you to test it. Test my guidance, experience it for yourself, for only in testing, in experiencing your own energy, will you have success. There is no believing, in anything, or anyone, even the self. There is only pushing the self to have meaningful experiences so that you may progress upon that earth. If I simply told you what was meant by evolution, would you automatically evolve? Well, of course not, evolution takes work, and connection to your own spirit takes work, too. The work of the self is the greatest work you can undertake, because in so doing do you open the door to not only your inner you, but to the outer you, offering the possibility for the outer you to fully live a life of meaning. But none of this will have any impact, nor will you have consequences of evolution, if you do not dare to act, to test, and to experience it all for yourself. My job is to stir you out of your slumber, to advise, to push, to nudge you on your inner exploration, offering tools along the way. But your job is far greater, and that is, to take what you feel resonates with you, take the tools that fit where you are now in your life, and use them to experience that life, both that inner life, and that outer life you now live. Seek experience, now, with you old mantles removed, and your spirit energy awakened and alert, wanting to give you the gift of life in a new manner. Will you allow this inner you to guide you today? Why not give it a try and see where you go, and what you experience? That is the only way to find out if you are truly alive, truly alert, and truly aware.