#158 Break Down an Old Wall

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for us all today?

Abide not by the rules and regulations placed on your inner you by others, but seek always your own truths, freed of overcast, and unburdened of judgments placed there by the suppositions of others. To meet the greatest tasks in life must one be honest with the self, full of self-love, and eager for self-fulfillment. If others judge you too harshly, then seek the reason for this. If others do not even see you for your own truths, then accept this as your task. For do you live your own truths? That is the question.

The focus of now must be on continual questing and questioning of the truths of the self in order to find your proper path? Have you perhaps spent a lifetime seeking a path? How do you finally know when you have found the proper one? Your own truths will no longer hide from you, and your own fears will no longer keep you hidden, and your spirit will hum with resonance when you have truly found your path. The seeking will stop when you have found your path, and your work will become concentrated, and accurately placed upon the self, rather than distracted by outside influences, without judging of others, or hiding from the judgments placed upon you.

Seek truth in all judgments. Seek truth in the rules others have asked you to abide by, and the rules you too have placed upon yourself. Seek resolution in your greatest fears, and in your reluctances. Feel your way now forward. Test your path for resonance, but do the deep inner work of the self in order to truly walk upon your chosen path. In doing your inner work will you, eventually, discover that there is so much you have missed in life by hiding behind your fears, your rules, your regulations, and your judgments. Allow now for fuller investigation, into the truths of the self, to become your focus. Get to the bottom of your own mysteries so that you may progress toward fulfilling the true reason for being there. That is all that matters, you know, discovering the truth, the reason for that life. Break some of your own strict rules about yourself today, and allow some new ideas and some new air to infiltrate your old ramparts. Break down an old wall, and see what it is that you have been hiding behind it all these years. It may surprise you that it really isn’t so hard to face, after all it’s only the truth that you seek, you know. How can that be bad?

So, for today, I suggest that you keep in mind that the entire planet, the earth around you, the air, even the heavens above are asking for change, asking for your work, to help return them to wholeness. This too must you ask of yourself, in conjunction with the energetic movement now upon that earth seeking rejuvenation and truth. Don’t be afraid. You’re just investigating your self. Give your self the gift of a little new insight today. You may be glad you did!