#157 The Truth of the Soil

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Do not forget the link, not only to your inner spiritual self, but to your physical being, who must live in that world in order for progress to be made. Yes, I speak always of balance, and achieving equilibrium, but I do not often speak directly to the care of the physical body. The times now declare that there is need for the earth to shift to a more simple time. By this I mean, return your focus to simplicity of living so that the great earth, that once was, may have the opportunity to replenish, and remain viable, and ready to serve the physical needs of man. All that resides upon that earth, whether plant, animal, mineral, liquid, gas, or chemical is enough for survival. There is no need for synthetics, or for the wasteful energy of reinventing. Better to return to investigating what the earth is truly capable of, as it has the capacity to sustain all life, giving all that is necessary for a total existence.

You have come far now from the truth of the soil at your feet, and what it means to man. There is imminent danger of life becoming nonexistent as you now know it, yet is there little action taken. In part is this good because it will cause an evolution of shake up. But it will also cause a continual backlog of souls, who even now await entry onto that overused plane that is earth. As many who now reside there refuse to evolve, so is there a great waiting taking place. This has caused a further great imbalance, and this is reflected in the state of the earth as it now is.

My mission resides with the evolutionary aspect of man’s spiritual path, as my group seeks to push you along to acknowledge your life, and your journey, as one of spirit and growth. There are others who seek to aid the earth. This I have spoken of before. But it is up to man, those who now reside there, to begin a new process of caretaking of the earth, and this begins with the physical self. Even as I speak of your evolutionary journey as being completed by first taking one small step to change your inner you, so will one small step to change your physical place in the world have affect, if all attempt a change. This change must begin with your own consuming, physical self. Merely by simplifying your life, one day at a time, so that you become less of a consumer, will you have impact, and your own body will reflect this impact. Be alert to your every move upon that earth that affects its soil, water, and air. Be alert to all synthetics that replace what is truly available in the plants, and trees, and the fish in the seas. All that man needs for survival is already present. There is no need for reinventing the universe. The universe has already provided, but modern man has elected to dismiss the simplicity of such an offering.

Relearn what the earth offers. Relearn what has been lost or forgotten. Relearn what has fallen from common knowledge, and become, once again, gardeners in the gardens of universal providence. Your bodies will thank you for returning them to a natural state of being, in true harmony with nature, and in balance with all things. Relearn the true arts of farming, of gathering of herbs, honey, and plants that are provided for consumption and medicine. Return now to the study of plant medicines, and the simple, yet complicated aspects of true earth bearing brews and concoctions, that will clear up, and clean up, many of the physical problems that man’s, so called, growth has created. Then, from this place of relearning, reconnect more fully to mankind as spirit being, and evolve more fully now, as a group, so that the impact upon that planet may lessen as you offer yourself the opportunity to have a greater mission beyond that life, that plane. Aid now as many as possible, as you begin to discover that the earth is asking you to shift, from your current station, and find a new aspect of life, in order to survive upon that earth. Find more than survival. Take the leap to finding renewal, and assert your physical selves upon a path of growth, equal to the spiritual path you now take. Find new tools to serve the earth itself, and you will find new tools to serve all of mankind, and a new evolution as well, a badly needed one!