#178 On This Day of Halloween Are There Many Who Seek Change

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages have been getting very long again. Any possibility that you can shorten them? I know you like to drill your point over and over again, but I wonder, sometimes, if they become too lengthy for people to want to read them every day. We’re trying to attract people to your mission, not turn them away. What do you think about that?

Are you editing me? Think I’m too boring? Well, I accept your critical concerns, but remember also that repetition is often the necessary method in allowing knowledge to be absorbed. Although I do generate long, and sometimes wordy missives, so do I not skirt the true points at all, but simply state them from many angles, so that those who may not receive them in one way may be receptive in another. That being said, I do see that conciseness is appreciated for your busy lives. But, you have also chosen to be my partner in this mission, Jan. Do you complain?

No, I only have concern for the mission and in how it is being accepted or rejected. I have no idea what happens once we send out the message each day. I know people are reading them, but I wonder what happens from there.

Allow the messages to carry their own energy. Those who seek, who wish for guidance, and who are interested in the far greater aspects of life upon that earth are certainly taking in my many words, though I do tend to go on. Our work is not forgotten, for even if read but once does it enter the knowing of the reader and have impact. The inner knowing does not easily dismiss or forget that which resonates. And if it doesn’t resonate, then so be it. Another day, another message, perhaps, will have resonance. Your participation is key, and I do not wish to dismiss your concerns, yet do I also urge you to consider that there may be necessity in repetitive stances, for the many who may need such introduction to this phenomenon.

All right, that being said, what would you like to discuss with your readers today?

The likes of me, should be the place to start today, for on this day of Halloween are there many who seek change by dressing up in costume and presenting themselves clothed in new attire, and as new personality. For the presence of masks, or disguises of any sort, allows the truth to sneak out and be observed without self-concern. Since I am but pure energy is there no possibility for you to observe me as any creature, for in reality am I not one. At one time I held my energy encapsulated in human form, and I imagine you, and your readers, continue to see me as such.

But observe what happens when the costumed individual becomes someone else, do you now know who stands behind that costume? If they are in complete disguise, you feel only the mysteries of that being, but you may observe and feel their energy. This is the mystery of all of you, that you are pure energy. If you remove your costume, your daily wear, and the body you inhabit, the only thing that would exist is pure energy. As pure energy do you have access to far more than you will ever have clothed in that body. And this, my dears, is what my mission seeks to alert you to.

Notice the truth that emerges when the known body, the known personality is allowed to disguise itself and offered the opportunity to change, not only its looks, but in so doing become totally new. Does not the energy of that person emerge more fully, playfully perhaps, or even darkly?

As energy emerges, so do the problems associated with that physical embodiment get carried along with it, to invade new territory. Until those problems are dealt with, will they remain attached to that energy. This is what you carry with you, from life to life. With each reincarnation are your issues recycled, awaiting discovery and resolution, so that, eventually, your energy may emerge pure and free without the burdens of the past, and you may completely remove all disguises, and live as a fully integrated energy being.

That is what I seek now, and the other members of my group seek to aid you in accomplishing. So, on this day of earthly wanderings in disguise think about what else you use in your life to disguise the true self. What costume do you wear every day that hides your truths? What covering do you take on in order to be able to live in that world? Are not those coverings and disguises but untruths, that burden your every step, slowing down, and keeping you from your true energy?

Our mission is all about resolution of issues, now, so that mankind may, in great numbers, evolve; allowing for a movement of unblocking to occur, so that, even as a dam bursts, so may many access their truths, their energy bodies, and be ready to evolve in infinity when their time upon that earth is done. The earth requires this of you now, it pushes for the extinction of man, for man has refused to take responsibility for his soul’s journey and, instead, has stagnated. And now the earth itself has become clothed in disguises, placed on it by man’s over usage, so that the truth and beauty of it are burdened with the smogs and poisons of unevolved beings.

Find your own reasons for being there. Find your own deepest issues and resolve them. Remove all your own disguises and reveal your truths, first to yourself; and with full acceptance of your spiritual, energetic, self forge ahead in your life, now, without the covers hiding you. What are you hiding behind your mask? Who are you really?

Tomorrow will be a new day, all the masks and disguises in a heap on the floor, and you will be your naked self again. Will you put back on your usual disguises again, your daily garb that you hide behind, or will you begin to reveal who you truly are? Begin with your self, revealing your truths to your self alone, and accept your most humble human self. Then will it be easier to acknowledge that beautiful energy that awaits discovery, and then awaits your skills of exploration.

Another long message, I know, but keep in mind that we have a lot of work to do in a very short period of time. The world will no longer wait. So why do you?

More Quotes from The Book of Us

Additional quotes from The Book of Us have been posted. These are from Book 1, Journey in this World, giving you a taste of things to come, and an extra channeled quote from Book 2, All Worlds are One World. We hope you enjoy these glimpses into The Book of Us which will soon be released on our website, with access for free downloading for a limited time. We will also be publishing the Guide to Awareness, A Guide to Recapitulation, and Trusting Your Spirit Guide, three volumes that Jeanne presented during channeling sessions in 2005 and 2006. These will be available as free downloads, so look for them in the coming months as well.

#177 A Time of Coming Out, If You Dare

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief note of guidance for us all today?

Although the energy is winding down, from high intensity, and scattered and frantic grabbing for fodder, so is there still much to be aware of as far as energetic pulls are concerned. Be as a being with eyes all around, looking, looking, looking always for your proper direction, your place of rightness, your inner calm, but always aware of what is seeking to distract you from this concentrated inner path of discovery and exploration.

The energy allows free riders to latch on and go far upon its energetic power, not caring if it is good or bad energy, but simply taking on riders for the thrill of it. Your own awareness must be the filter, straining out the interfering energy that seeks only to feed off you. Such energy cares little for growth and evolution; in fact, does not even pay attention to such desires in you. Don’t take it personally, but such energy is interested only in what it can get out of you.

This I have warned continually about. Your one and only defense, the perfect solution, is to turn away from it, disregard it, and allow it to pass you by. This energy may appear in the form of another person, in desires and appetites, in old habits, in old fears, or even in the form of big babies that you may think you need to attend to, but, in reality, do they seek but your sustenance and nothing else.

Use your filters, and your eyes all around, to keep you aware, and alert, and protective of your own vital energy. Seek company that is compatible and companionable, for the right reasons: for reasons of true innocence and growth. Put aside now your own big baby needs, and step into your adult awareness as you tackle the vibrant energy that will continue to knock at your door. Don’t be fooled by how it appears, as it has the habit of hiding itself among the more common daily occurrences. Your alertness is now of utmost importance.

That is why I suggest heightened alertness, with eyes wide open all around, even as you stay in your place of inner calm, with your back turned against the intense and grabbing energy; scrutinizing your every encounter. Keep your innocence foremost as your guide, even as your adult awareness keeps it safe and protected from the hungry tricksters at your door. Allow this innocence to learn how to come out and play, even though these energetic times are frantic, because in so doing will you learn much. And though you may be slightly bruised by your encounters with reality, so are you also training your innocence to take a more active part in your life, with good results, for no matter what happens will learning always bring good fortune.

Find your center, your calm, and introduce your innocence to the awareness of the danger in the energy, but arm that innocence with your adult protection, and the two of you go on an adventure into reality. See what happens as your journey continues to unfold, as you find your path of spirit, and allow it to be known that this is who you are, both to yourself, and to others. This is a time of coming out, if you dare.

There is much acceptance awaiting resonance, as innocence is being stirred up by the facts of life on earth and the destructive energy that abounds. Many seek innocence as an antidote, and this is not as far-fetched as you may think, for only in innocence is there truth, and that is all that matters. So, if each of you dares to expose your innocence, guarded by your adult maturity, looking for reciprocal energy, so do you offer a shift, not only to yourself in your own growth, but to those who you come in contact with too.

So, keep in mind that the energy is brutally honest in its greed, and the antidote is equal honesty on your part, even if that honesty causes a great shift so will it carry fortune with it, if it is truly right, and of deepest truth. Find your balance now, and venture out with your innocence and your maturity wearing the cloak of honesty and truth, with eyes all around, and love and compassion as your trusty weapons of defense. But don’t forget to turn your back at the merest hint of disagreeable energy. In this manner will you not only be safe, but utilizing your skills of awareness and alertness for growth, rather than destruction.

Keep focused on growth; that is the path to take. Balance, calm, inner quiet, and awareness; eyes all around looking for the proper path, avoid bad energy, look for resonance, ask for help, turn away when necessary. See what happens!

New Quotes Posted Today from Upcoming Book

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages,

I have posted some new quotes in the Quotes sidebar today. They are from some earlier messages that are contained in our book, The Book of Us, which we will be publishing shortly, as an E-Book, hopefully over the next two weeks. We will be offering it as a free download through the holiday season; thereafter, it will be for sale at a very reasonable rate.

The Book of Us is, in the first part, a memoir, tracing the thirty years that Chuck and Jeanne Ketchel lived together, focusing on the journey these two very compatible beings traveled as they followed their spirits. This memoir includes their early years, personal inner struggles, a Jamaican retreat, professional life, work with Carlos Castaneda’s group, and their unique and exhaustive search through the world of alternative cancer treatments, ending with Jeanne’s final journey in leaving this life. The book is interspersed with journal writings, from journals Jeanne kept her entire adult life, with insights provided by Chuck, as well as channeled reflections as Jeanne was asked to comment on her past from her new vantage point. In the second part, entirely channeled, Jeanne describes transitioning from her body, and what she has encountered since leaving this world. In these early messages she is still figuring things out and often states that she doesn’t know how everything works yet, but in reading her messages now we discover how far she has continued to evolve, more sure of her place, and her mission.

We hope that you will not only enjoy this book, but also pass it along to others who may find it of interest, and in so doing become part of this mission of awakening that we, Chuck and I, had chosen to partake in. We will be sending out a notice of publication when the time arrives. In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the messages. May they guide you on your journey.

Very sincerely, Jan Ketchel

#176 Take the Fruits of Your Hard-Earned Lessons

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for us today?

Unwrap from the old ideas of the self now as you continue your journey into maturity of spirit, seeking always intent that will allow for growth. Place intent where it will have meaning and significance, on that which will travel forward with you into a life of growth and evolution. As you now experience that energy that winds down, from high vibration, confrontation, and intimate bewilderment, embrace what you have learned about the self, and allow it to be firmly planted in your knowing. Take the fruits of your hard-earned lessons and strap them to your back for future nurturance as you travel your path.

Whenever there is such volatile and troublesome energy as has touched down among you in recent times, so must you take what you have learned and keep it in your knowing, for anything learned in such times is well-earned and of utmost importance. For such tumultuous times result in lessons of great importance being achieved, though they may, at first, seem trivial, or of little significance. Await further growth now, await shift of energy; and then see how the events of the past few weeks, and days, truly have affected you, both your decisions, and your actions.

I regret that such energy is leaving now, for its intensity works well to further my mission of awakening. But such energy is cyclical, and have no doubt that it will return in equal intensity when it is proper for it to do so. Until then, is there plenty on the horizon to keep you busy and alert.

Do not anticipate that just because such energy is releasing from your realm that things will lighten up! For you, in your own life, will now stir up plenty of your own energy as you take in what you have learned, and process the decisions you have made, and proceed now on your journey having made choices that will change you, and change the way you do things. Look for troubled times ahead; but without such intense energy surrounding you is there danger that you will not notice this intensity, until it is too late. Be alert, and aware, and observant in your own life. Do not allow the calmer energy to dull your senses, or hide your intuition from you. Your awareness must remain keen so you don’t fall into old traps.

Rest, but briefly; then pick up your traveling spirit self and continue your journey along your path of growth and adventure. Continue your quiet contemplative self-study, seeking your inner truths, with your spirit further awakening and guiding you in your decisions and choices. Do what is right. Listen to your calm inner spirit, and your pathway will reveal itself clearly. Push aside the veils, the old veils that seek to keep your awareness from you, and in so doing allow clarity and fresh life to be your companions.

Await results of your tests. How do you think you did? Whether you passed or not, so have you learned vital lessons; and now you also know how to proceed. Of course you do! Do what’s right! What other choice is there, if you are on the path of spirit and spirit connection?