New Quotes Posted Today from Upcoming Book

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages,

I have posted some new quotes in the Quotes sidebar today. They are from some earlier messages that are contained in our book, The Book of Us, which we will be publishing shortly, as an E-Book, hopefully over the next two weeks. We will be offering it as a free download through the holiday season; thereafter, it will be for sale at a very reasonable rate.

The Book of Us is, in the first part, a memoir, tracing the thirty years that Chuck and Jeanne Ketchel lived together, focusing on the journey these two very compatible beings traveled as they followed their spirits. This memoir includes their early years, personal inner struggles, a Jamaican retreat, professional life, work with Carlos Castaneda’s group, and their unique and exhaustive search through the world of alternative cancer treatments, ending with Jeanne’s final journey in leaving this life. The book is interspersed with journal writings, from journals Jeanne kept her entire adult life, with insights provided by Chuck, as well as channeled reflections as Jeanne was asked to comment on her past from her new vantage point. In the second part, entirely channeled, Jeanne describes transitioning from her body, and what she has encountered since leaving this world. In these early messages she is still figuring things out and often states that she doesn’t know how everything works yet, but in reading her messages now we discover how far she has continued to evolve, more sure of her place, and her mission.

We hope that you will not only enjoy this book, but also pass it along to others who may find it of interest, and in so doing become part of this mission of awakening that we, Chuck and I, had chosen to partake in. We will be sending out a notice of publication when the time arrives. In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the messages. May they guide you on your journey.

Very sincerely, Jan Ketchel