#176 Take the Fruits of Your Hard-Earned Lessons

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for us today?

Unwrap from the old ideas of the self now as you continue your journey into maturity of spirit, seeking always intent that will allow for growth. Place intent where it will have meaning and significance, on that which will travel forward with you into a life of growth and evolution. As you now experience that energy that winds down, from high vibration, confrontation, and intimate bewilderment, embrace what you have learned about the self, and allow it to be firmly planted in your knowing. Take the fruits of your hard-earned lessons and strap them to your back for future nurturance as you travel your path.

Whenever there is such volatile and troublesome energy as has touched down among you in recent times, so must you take what you have learned and keep it in your knowing, for anything learned in such times is well-earned and of utmost importance. For such tumultuous times result in lessons of great importance being achieved, though they may, at first, seem trivial, or of little significance. Await further growth now, await shift of energy; and then see how the events of the past few weeks, and days, truly have affected you, both your decisions, and your actions.

I regret that such energy is leaving now, for its intensity works well to further my mission of awakening. But such energy is cyclical, and have no doubt that it will return in equal intensity when it is proper for it to do so. Until then, is there plenty on the horizon to keep you busy and alert.

Do not anticipate that just because such energy is releasing from your realm that things will lighten up! For you, in your own life, will now stir up plenty of your own energy as you take in what you have learned, and process the decisions you have made, and proceed now on your journey having made choices that will change you, and change the way you do things. Look for troubled times ahead; but without such intense energy surrounding you is there danger that you will not notice this intensity, until it is too late. Be alert, and aware, and observant in your own life. Do not allow the calmer energy to dull your senses, or hide your intuition from you. Your awareness must remain keen so you don’t fall into old traps.

Rest, but briefly; then pick up your traveling spirit self and continue your journey along your path of growth and adventure. Continue your quiet contemplative self-study, seeking your inner truths, with your spirit further awakening and guiding you in your decisions and choices. Do what is right. Listen to your calm inner spirit, and your pathway will reveal itself clearly. Push aside the veils, the old veils that seek to keep your awareness from you, and in so doing allow clarity and fresh life to be your companions.

Await results of your tests. How do you think you did? Whether you passed or not, so have you learned vital lessons; and now you also know how to proceed. Of course you do! Do what’s right! What other choice is there, if you are on the path of spirit and spirit connection?