#138 Allow Yourself the Luxury of Detachment

Dear Jeanne,
Wise words for today?

Remain absolutely balanced and focused no matter what may arise in your life. This is a time of crisis and a time of disruption on a worldwide level, but that does not mean that your world must be disrupted or interrupted too. Turn inward, away from that energy that seeks to draw you outward and into its currents. That is not the energy of inner resonance, but the energy of distraction, and the energy of destruction. But it is not meant for your consumption. The only thing you must do during such times is to learn another aspect of the art of detachment. By this I mean, turn the example of the outer world into inner questioning. As you turn away from involvement in the calamities of the outer world, the threats, the attempts, and the precipitation of events, so must your spirit yearn for acknowledgment in order to allow for growth. Turn inward and question. Do not simply turn away from outside influences and distractions, but as you turn away and go inward question what the significance of such outside energy means in your own private life. What does such energy signify to me specifically? Why does such energy exist in my own life? What must I turn away from, and what must I investigate inside myself?

Outside energy pulls you outward and seeks to distract you from your path. But as you turn from the attraction of it, so do you create a new use of it. As it pushes at you to notice it so can you use that push to go innerly. Get it? Use it to aid you in your inner searches for clarity of the self. As you turn away and ignore the power of it, so do you aid your growth. Allow it to be utilized. Turn from that powerful and significant force, and as you do will it push against your back, nudging you, seeking your attention, but as you remain steadfast, with your outer shell against it, so does the pressure of it push you deeper into knowledge and truth of the self.

Allow this process to begin now more forcefully. Draw away from attachment outside of your inner resonance. Allow outside behaviors to drop away as you turn from them and seek newness inside, with your resonant spirit as companion. Allow yourself the luxury of detachment from that which seeks to draw you from your path. Learning this art of detachment is a life long process, but it is also a life growing, worthwhile process that, as you learn and as you practice, will aid you in your growth. Remain firmly balanced in both your worlds, firmly grounded, firmly planted, feeling the energy of the earth and the energy of you, the inner you, equally.

Do not allow the outside pulls to kick you over. Do not allow the inside pulls to tumble you away from realities of life either. Balance at all times, but detachment as well, will be your regulators if you are to remain focused on growth. Participate in learning detachment, even as you participate fully in life. Gauge your use of your own energy daily and allow the universe to guide you in the best use of it. Notice how your day works out. Look back at how you navigate today and see where you made good use of energy and where you squandered it. Where did the universe step in and seek to guide you? Did you notice? Did you pay heed, and trust? Now tomorrow, pay attention throughout your day. Notice the signs that seek to guide you? Are they right for your inner journey? Or do they seek to pull you from your spirit path?

Know fully your spirit resonance as it meets and greets energetic flow around you. Recognize what resonance means to your inner work, and you will know how best to use the energy that is made available. And if little is made available, then must you decide what that means. I would suggest that you go always inward when in doubt, rather than outward; it is, by far, the better choice.

Take daily time for contemplation, and quiet, in order to feel your own energy and the energy around you. From this quiet place, surrounded by the push, the force of outside energy, balance your inner calm, and set yourself for your day, with your inner energy as your leading guide. Then see what happens as you navigate that thrilling life you lead.