#137 Feel the Earth Beneath Your Feet

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

Find your way slowly and steadily today, feet upon the ground in true journeying fashion as a trekker upon the ultimate earth bound journey. Feel that earth beneath your feet as it sends not only its energy upward, but as it also allows it to turn inward into itself, creating within its soils yet another world. Your own inner world is as the earth itself, energetically festering, or energetically calming. Rivulets of energy abound within, even as your presence upon that earth is noted and needed for the life you must lead now and the job you must complete. Find your steadiness both outside yourself and inside yourself. Maintain this steady balance even as your outer world and your inner world do turn upside down and inside out, and seem to merge and lose all sense of place and distinction from each other. So is it your work upon that earth to gain and regain your sense of balance at all times in order to remain firmly on your feet, able to gather the earth’s energy rightly, as it should be gathered.

Use your firm footing, your upright stance, and your head upright on your shoulders, eyes ahead, to steady you. Do not lie prostrate upon the earth, for then do you seek too much of its energy when enough will seep in through the soles of your feet. Do not overdo this energy gathering. Take only what you need to maintain your steady balance.

Do not use false aids to regain balance and remain steady upon your path. Use only the natural energy of the earth that is freely available and deeply felt in your primal connection to it. Seek what has already been given for life upon that earth to exist. Everything is available. Use it wisely.

Today is a day of proper energetic usage. Calm to your inner knowing and seek and feel the earth’s energy today as it seeks to guide and steady you. Know the truth of it as pure energy, even as you seek your own truths and your own energy. Find time to seek connection today to true energy, as it pulses beneath your feet. Allow that to feed your calm and you will do well.