#136 Complete That Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance today for all the readers of your messages?

I am not more than they are capable of. Continuous work on the self aids in evolutionary growth. At all times is it necessary to investigate and allow the self to proceed on the journey now embarked on. To proceed in a manner that allows for thorough processing and inner work on the deepest level is to take the journey to the very end. Otherwise do you merely skirt the issues that most need work and leave yourself available for outside influence, but also the possibility of incompletion. I urge all to complete that life they now are living. There is no reason not to, except for fears and drawbacks that stumble forward to block your path. These blocks will appear over and over again throughout this lifetime, and many to come, if you do not, piece by piece, remove them from your presence, and from your present life. Remove them now, and allow for freedom, freedom to grow and evolve, and freedom to continue this life you now live, full of clarity, awareness, and with a greater sense of knowing your own journey fully and completely.

Embark anew on your journey with clarity of purpose now instilled ever deeper inside you. Allow yourself to have this adventure of life most fully now, and accomplish what your previous lives here have been unable to do. Your process is laid wide open for you. Don’t you notice? Why do you hesitate? Afraid still? Don’t be. You are safe. You are guided. And beyond those blocks that hide your pathway is the energy of now, waiting for your spirit to recognize its potency and begin to engage it in a new manner, for growth now, for evolutionary growth.

Keep your focus most inward now, and do not give up on your growth. It is all that matters. Don’t you see that? What else is there that is truly meaningful in that life? I doubt that you will find anything quite so exciting, so challenging, and so gratifying.