#135 Climb upon Your Trusty Horse

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Absent the self now from all turmoil. Remove yourself from that which holds no promise of growth. Become aware of the realities in your life and do not bother with that which seeks to draw your attention from your focused path. Growth of the self, deep inner growth, is all that truly matters in that life. Even though I stress this at all times, must you also live significant lives upon that earth, so do not take my words to mean that you must dismiss all engagements as meaningless. Quite the contrary. All engagements are most meaningful aids in your growth process. But learning which to engage and which to bypass are steps of learning along the way.

Your path may not yet be clear, but your focus on the urgings of your spirit self will serve you well as you proceed, and as you seek clarity. Your path will be further revealed as you climb upon your trusty horse, your life upon that earth, and ride onward every day, seeking, seeking your truth. Mount upon your truth seeking self; allow your energetic spirit to lead you properly so that your choices may be correct.

Clothe yourself in the knowledge that the most important factor in life is to seek always truth of the self, and in this adventure will you be confronted with decisions regarding use of your energy. Stay focused on reserving your energy for the greatest feat of all, the work on the self. If this remains your focus at all times, then will your choices in life be the right ones. Navigate your path with eyes wide open, heart wide open, and your inner knowing keenly aware. Be kind, be gracious, be loving, be helpful, and be generous with your energy. Even as you turn your attention inward so must you also turn it outward in order to lead a truly balanced life, in the outer world and in your own inner world.

Disregard that which seeks to pull you from this path of true spirit and true growth, that which is mere distraction, and that which carries little meaning for you. As you progress and learn the facts of life, of spirit-oriented life, so will your decisions be easier to make and your way clearer. The choices you make are up to you of course. How do you choose to live your life today? The energy is available to aid you in your growth. Your spirit seeks growth. Put those two facts together and see what that feels like. Feel your calmness, and feel the vigor of life’s energy, inside you and outside you, and allow them to meet, in harmony. Walk in calm energetic delight today. Tune in to the energy that is there to aid you. You are all doing well, my fine traveling companions. You are doing very well.