#134 Unforgettable

Dear Jeanne,
A word for today?

Unforgettable. Life on that earth is unforgettable, unregrettable, and truly meant to be experienced for all of its moments, nothing hidden, nothing left undone. Do not hide from life and the gifts you are given, whether gifts of challenge or gifts of glory to spur you on your way. Your journey is truly one of growth, no matter what you may think. Concerns of each day are but ripples in the flow of life, and the unfathomable that is yet to come awaits as each new ripple is passed, experienced, and completed, so that you may achieve your ultimate goal. And what is that?

Well, it’s up to you, of course. I do not promise anything, yet I also promise everything, but it remains your choice. Do you choose to consider the possibilities that await, that everything is possible? Or do you choose to close the door on possibilities. Your future looks amazing to me, but how do you see it? Life is unforgettable, but if you advance on your journey you will be given opportunities to move on into new life, fully equipped, having learned the lessons of that life and ready to take on the next.

Find your truths. Find your unforgettable moments of life now, and cherish them for the lessons they have taught you. All of them. And then find yourself free to move on to the next unforgettable moments of life, learning as you go.

And know also, that in each unforgettable, unregrettable moment of life are you carefully and caringly being guided. So look for your helpers, and ask for what you need the most. All of this is your choice, of course. I only offer you this knowledge so that you may make an informed choice. And in so doing are you offered a lifetime that is truly unforgettable.