#133 Upsets May Happen

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of advice or guidance for us all today?

Upsets may happen as the wind gets underneath you and tips you out of your little boat. But get right back in and keep going. Attach no significance to such occurrences. Do not get caught by the foibles of man or the underlying energies that seek attachment. Remain calmly focused upon your path. Set your compass, and aim your helm in the direction you have now chosen, and allow the winds to notice that you are indeed focused and intent, and they will get behind you and aid you, rather than tease and play with you. Focused intent is your greatest asset, so learn how to do it. Navigate life with clarity of decision, acceptance of truth of the self, and chart your course for the present. Now is all that matters, for there is plenty to keep you busy as this energy now around you seeks to aid you as you hone your skills, or seeks to upset and disrupt you as you continue to flounder and remain uncommitted. Choose your path, and turn the winds of change to your advantage. Good Luck!