#132 The Internet of You

Dear Jeanne,
We have launched our website featuring your messages to humanity. Do you have any comments on the use of this medium to spread your messages?

The Internet weaves a web, an energetic connection that is similar to all energetic connection, as I have often spoken of. To have affect must energy intercept and merge and flow with other energy. It must bump up and confront energy that is not resonant, as well as energy that is. Such is the law of universal energy, that which is not seen, but felt by all human beings, whether through human means or electronic means.

The use of the technologies that are available is supremely appropriate, but do not forget that energy must still find its resonance or it will not sit long in one place, but bounce back into seeking a place of connection. The messages also seek resonant connection. That is the mission I have embarked on, to connect energetically with those who seek knowing and truth in a calm and centering manner, understanding and learning, not only how energy works, but how all eternity works to guide us on our journeys.

By all eternity, I do not mean an end, but I do mean all knowing, and the ability to have experience beyond the life you now know, and the life you have been taught to expect. If this energetic connection on the World Wide Web, as it is called, will aid in disrupting the old currents of knowledge, the old teachings of earth bound belief, and reconnect to knowledge of infinity as ever-present and vast, and as endless as electricity, then is there hope for change.

My mission is all about change. About changing old perceptions, habits, and beliefs, and learning, trusting, and experiencing new ideas, new phenomena, and new realities. This is being offered. Do you wish to connect? Are you a seeker? If so, you may find resonance with my words, or you may not. But don’t give up seeking. There is a lot available to you beyond your new technologies, and beyond your World Wide Web. Look beyond all that, and discover what you alone are connected to by your own energy. Use that to navigate your life and you may be surprised at what you discover. Perhaps a new connection that will allow for your growth and your progress in that life, to present you with exactly what you need to access, not the World Wide Web, but the internet of you. What do you hold within that complicated network of the self? That is what really matters.

So yes, this new mode of transporting the messages we present to all of humanity is certainly a worthwhile progression, but still must resonant spirits engage in reading, and trusting, and working with the advice I pass along. And the key is, as always, resonance.

Find your resonance, your energetic connection for today and go explore, and find out what you learn about yourself. Slow down to your calm center, and allow for personal inquiry, and personal growth. Life is all about change, on an energetic level. So, welcome to the energy of resonance. Discover it for yourself, and what it truly means in your own life. Where is it leading you? Will you follow? Will you dare to change? Or will you attempt to thwart the energetic flow that is truly right for you? Why? Afraid? Don’t be. If it’s right, then allow it to become your reality. And if it’s wrong, it won’t be your truth and your new reality, and something else will appear to lead you correctly.

Good luck as you explore your inner web, as you network within yourself. And don’t forget where your resonance is, deep in your calm centeredness, not outside you, but deep inside you. That’s where you’ll feel it and recognize the energetic connection that is right for you. Good luck!