#131 Point Your Face Upward Now

Dear Jeanne,
A message for today?

Stay focused on growth and forward movement though energetic waves of disruption may seek you out in your calmness and unearth your darkness. Allow darkness to settle down now to a grey fog as you rise above it and see it clearly for what it is, your past, your long ago dealt with reality, or your unfinished business. Point your face upward now to new horizons within the self as you seek rejuvenation, and deal with your darkness as it speaks to you in this new place of calm, but not as it comes sucking at you in your old state of fragile impermanence. Stay calmly focused now on growth. Turn inward, discovering the new you as you advance, and allow your past misfortunes to linger in the background as you await your readiness for their truths. This is good for today’s energy. Don’t get caught by the diversions that seek your energy. Save it for you.