#130 Stay Mobile Yet Focused

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message or a word of guidance for today?

Undercurrents will continue to dissuade you from your chosen path, from your concentrated efforts, and from your known allegiance to a certain cause, but disregard them. They are mere distractions, energy that seeks to disrupt and engage your attention so that you will lose your focus, your way; and your energetic concentration will be distracted from your keen attention on focused work.

Stay mobile, yet focused. By this I mean be aware so that you can quickly dodge out of the way of the wrong kind of energy seeking your notice, or the distractions along the way that want your notice. Dodge them all and you will do well.

Remain alert, aware, light, and swift in your actions, but most of all remain calmly centered doing your inner work. Allow the outside energy to take its own course without you. Do not attach to it, or engage it, and you will do well as the strong undercurrents come seeking attachment. Avoid them by your diligent work on the self. Continue your journeys, my friends. You are doing well.