#129 Stop the Whirlwind

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any words of guidance for humanity today?

Slow down your intensity to a quiet hum. Your efforts do not need to be so heavy. Attend now to quiet, patient waiting as you allow your inner calm to encircle you with comforting familiarity, and allow the intensity of the energy outside of you to aid you. Your efforts will not go unheeded, or undone now if you back down and return to complacency for a while, because the energy of the universe will not allow for complacency to rule. But within your own being must you have inner calm and a certain amount of detachment from your intense work in order for growth to happen.

If you stay caught in the effort, when do you have time to step back and see the results of your efforts? When do you give yourself permission to observe the effects of all that you do for yourself and others? Do not dawdle too long in one place, with too much intensity, but back off, and wait for results to emerge. If you continually engage the same gear, with unmitigated intensity, do you risk stripping it of its ability to engage and function at all. Stop going in circles. Stop interfering in life, and stop curtailing the universe to fit your life, and your expectations.

Time now to acquiesce your intense hold, give up your deeply concerted effort to change something in your life that you must now allow to change on its own. Your efforts have provided enough fuel to wage a war, torch a building, or start a worldwide ripple of energy. But don’t you realize, that no matter how much effort you put into this situation, if you don’t step back and allow the momentum to take over, you will not only exhaust your own energy, but you will not engage the energy around you? For it will notice, “Oh okay, that person doesn’t need us, our help. They think they can do it all on their own. Look at that effort! But, don’t they see, it gets them nowhere!”

Don’t you see? Your efforts must now retire to calm. Calm your energy down to a recognizable hum of balanced vibration, and now allow for reciprocating energy around you to pick up where you leave off and carry your efforts far afield, beyond you, and have greater affect. Stop the whirlwind you have created in your life. Calm down. Allow the dust to settle, and then take stock of where you are.

Calm down now into quiet balance, first inside yourself, then notice how the energy outside of you will also calm down as it meets you on a new level. Learn to utilize the outside energy in this manner, to your advantage. Find the ease of it, how your efforts can return to calm and yet still be equally affective. Seek the calm of your own inner energy and find resonant rivulets of it outside of you to aid you in your efforts in life.

Abide by the rules of wise energy usage and you will see that calm, moderate usage results in calm, sustained energy; enough to complete your tasks and yet still remain with plenty for yourself. Attend to your inner calm today, and then see what happens!