#128 Continue Your Self-Study

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Continue your self-study, my friends. Energy abounds that seeks to distract you from your path, to pull you from your focused intent. Remain diligently inward looking now, concentrating on your depths, your inner you. This involves your lifelong recapitulation practice, your intent to connect and seal a bond with your innocence, and the concerted efforts you have been making to remain in spirit resonance as you live and contemplate your life.

This time of self-study is not only important, but will allow you relief from the intensity of the energy around you. Focus inward will, as I have said, insulate you from the distractions and the energetic disturbances that seek feeding ground. But your focused intent is as a shield to such energy, and it would rather seek easier prey, so be aware of this. As you do your inner work, as you continually turn your back on that which pressures you for notice, will you discover that you are better focused, better centered, and better balanced as a result of the shift in energy, from greedy to supportive, outside of you.

As you turn your back upon such greedy needy energy do you solidify your own pact to grow and do the work of the self. As you continually grow, so does your detachment from that which seeks to distract keep you safe and evolving. Soon will you discover that the world holds less and less as your spiritual world grows larger and more interesting. As you expand your spiritual pursuits beyond the self, then too will you discover another world, equally real, that will become as prominent as the world around you now is.

Continue your self-study, and begin to discover what all of this means for you. You are not alone. Many are knowing that the world has serious problems, and that evolutionary growth is now more important an aspect of life than anything. For though the trees and bees may die off, so does the spirit live on, so does energy still reside and need release.

Turn toward evolutionary growth of spirit energy and you will aid the planet that so eagerly awaits renewal after so many years of depletion. Rejuvenate spirit awareness and in turn will the world around you receive equal rejuvenation as energy revives and knowledge brings clarity on all levels of life. Continue your work, your self-study, and see what happens next!