#127 The Path of Focused Work

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for humanity today?

The course you now choose in this energetic flow is significant for your growth. The path of focused work will have universal potential as it progresses, and universal backing. Your progress will be constantly alerted by that which seeks to engage and enable you as you do the work of the self, of the inner spirit, the work of growing.

The energy of now also seeks to persuade you to become involved in that which is better left untouched. It seeks to disrupt lives in order to push for tremendous growth. If that is the only way that you will be awakened to reality then that is the path you will be taking. But if you are already focused, and working diligently on the self, it is time to hone your focus down to the path in front of you.

There will be much energetic activity around you in the coming months as outside of you great pushes and great achievements are called for, but such pushes are not intended for all to participate in. If your path is already well defined and resonant, your challenge will be to remain focused and not be drawn away from your steady forward movement. If your path is as yet undefined, if your focus seems wobbly, or if you have not made a commitment to your self, then is this outer energy meant to influence you, to push you in the proper direction, to give you signs, and direct confrontation, so that your path may become more definite and your focus clearer.

During this time of energy of growth, determine your path. Stay focused on it. If you still seek the proper path then look for it with true spirit resonance as your compass. Allow the truth of your inner spirit to guide you, though this truth may challenge you to great change. Your calm knowing resonance will give you the answer to your questing self.

Know that calmness intimately now. Know that resonance, the true resonance of your inner spirit, separate from everything in your past, totally unique, and connected only to you. Disengage from your attachments in order to truly connect to this inner resonance, without judgments, without the burdens of others, or the past weighing on your conscience. Empty of the outside world so that you may connect with your own inner calm, and then answer your own question of resonance. Your way will be clearly shown to you if you seek it from this place of clean clear innocence that exists deeply inside you, without ego, without interferences from the outside world, and without fear and anxiety. That quiet, almost silent self awaits your resonance too.

Go innerly now and discover where this energy is directing you. Have you been greatly challenged lately? Seek the answer to your why question inside you, not outside you. What does this challenge mean to the inner me, not the outer me? Leave the outer you momentarily by the wayside as you journey into the inner you. This is the only place to seek the right answers and truly know if you are on the right path.

Watch the energy. It will seek to divert your attention. My advice, ignore it! You don’t need to engage it. Far better to leave it alone, and go on your inner journey. The outer energy will then shift from torturing you to aiding you as it creates an insular structure around you, providing protection from the storm around you. So, you choose. Engage it, or utilize it. I know this is all easier said than done, but your choice is of utmost importance to you and your growth, and that is why I warn and I encourage. It is my job to offer what I know, and it is my job to leave you the choice, but an informed one. So, good luck on your inner journey. Pretty funny, when you consider just how much that world offers and entices with. To think, that the ultimate goal is to calmly reject it all, and go innerly, is quite amazing to consider. But, that’s the truth of it. Find your resonance and stay your course.