#126 Watchful Wakeful Waiting

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for the readers of your messages?

Watchful, wakeful waiting, patience, and continued efforts on your part to remain focused on your path are now called for. Until there is a shift will this time remain burdensome, but that does not mean that you must take up the burden of it. You do not need to carry this heavy energy upon your shoulders simply because it exists and is part of this energetic equivalent of life.

Take not upon your shoulders the burdens that lie all around you. Leave them lying there in a shambles, strewn about, and abandoned now because the art of detachment is the better process to learn now. Your burdens and those of others are best left behind as you seek now to learn their significance and their truth rather than continue bearing the weight of them.

If you put down your burdens knowing that you are working diligently on your self, your issues, seeking your truths, and focused on growing, so can you alleviate your anxiety and free your energy from having to bear the weight of your burdens, and allow it to now focus on work on the self. Free your energy now for work on the self. With this shift will you find that, gradually, your focus will turn from outside of you, where your concerns have been so attentive, and your inward work will become much more interesting and captivating to you.

Focus outside of you leads to distraction and compromise of energy and of diligent behavior in working on the self. Do not allow your previous patterns of behavior to strike out at you and grab your attention. Notice them as old friends, old traveling companions, and calmly acknowledge their presence, but put them off your pathway now. Tell them they have done their job well and now it is time for them to go into retirement. Leave them neatly stacked along the wayside, all those old burdens, distractions, habits, behaviors, thoughts, and judgments. Leave them as a monument to your journey. Look back upon them as faithful companions of your journey, their jobs completed, and now allow them to rest by the wayside. Bid them farewell, and allow your shoulders to feel the release of them, and allow the new lightness of knowing that you are on a definite journey toward wholeness and lightness of spirit to now be your companion. Enter in to a new phase now even as the energy wishes you to be challenged, for in this challenge is your biggest test yet. Do you still get caught by the old, or have you fully committed to the new plan for your life?

There is no life insurance on that journey you take that will, or can, cover your progress. The only life insurance you have is your own commitment to growth. Choose now to stay focused on your path and you will have passed the test. Good luck, the energy also wishes you success. There can be no failure, but there can be stagnancy and delay. I urge you to quickly reassess, and determine your next step with your fullest knowing, and your keen ability to stay focused and calm firmly felt and central to your next move. Come on, keep going!