#125 Proceed with Caution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Yes, proceed with caution, as all that swirls now energetically will continue to create a whirlwind of expectation and of undercurrents that will draw down with equally deep energetic pull as the currents of positive impulse that now urge growth. I do not advocate, at this time, that there be impetuous decision making based solely on the energy of the moment, but instead that long-term consequences be considered and past history taken into account. Do not look for quick resolution, but do look to stay on track, following plans made earlier in quiet contemplation when balance and right knowing were stable and clear.

Now is a time of slow and steady progress forward through the muck of reality that will inevitably sweep in and give great insight, though in many instances will this insight be as unacceptable as the reality of the weather that changes daily and your ability to affect has little effect. Do not look to control the inevitable, but do not either hide from it or allow it to overwhelm you. Stay in steady balance, focused on the reality of rightness in your life, and seek a calm and quiet approach to handling your problems and your issues with the knowing that all will resolve with the cleansing power of time and the supportive energy that boosts you on your way. Your attachment to old ways is not attractive at this time. Allow yourself to trust your progress so far, and use this trust as new ground to stand upon as you allow your self to seek further healing and truth.

You who are upon this journey of self-discovery are safe. There is no better road to take. Your progress though depends upon your own ability to swiftly switch into your calm steadiness as the approaching storms in your life seek to knock you over. This you can withstand, but even more so use as strengtheners to keep your focus honed. Test your steadiness now often, throughout you day, when you are challenged, but also in times of lull. In this manner will your skills continually be perfected and your abilities quickly at the ready for quick and natural shifts into your new state of being that you have worked so hard on.

Stay focused on our path. Stay focused on your path. Stay focused. Calmer waters will eventually arrive, but until that time is your diligence and your alertness required, so stay on top of things and you will do well my friends. Good luck.