#124 Do Not Hesitate

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Do not hesitate to embrace the new you who does seek evolutionary growth. Although my words may push at you, urging growth, be also cognizant of the fact that you have stayed a part of my mission now for a long time, by your own choice. Yes, I urge growth, but this participation has not been imposed upon you, nor are you forced to adhere to any rules or regulations I might suggest. All in all is your participation voluntary, yet do I still urge you to grow and dare yourself, and hesitation on your part is less appealing than openhearted work on the self.

When you hesitate, you hold yourself back in momentary stagnancy that also has the possibility of holding you stuck. Remaining stuck in one place, with your wheels spinning results in nothing more than wasted energy, similar to the phenomenon of worrying that also is such a challenging aspect of your humanness.

I urge today that you kick yourself forward now, for if you hesitate for too long will the next wave of oblivion crash upon you and bury you under its force. I urge swimming now, action, progress, with renewed energy and focus to move you further along, out of reach of the wave of oblivion that soon must come crashing down. Do you wish to be buried under it and waste a lot of energy just trying to keep your head above water? Or do you wish to take advantage of the energy and expertise now being offered, and swiftly move forward into a new phase of life and growth far removed from the stormy waves that are building now, soon to come with devastation and smothering decisiveness upon the unsuspecting shores?

Keep focused on growth and evolutionary flow and you will do well with all that now builds and soon arrives to shake up your world and the greater world. But you do not need to be caught, but instead use your tools of growth and the momentum of self awareness and growth to push you now forward a little bit more so that you are, though not out of harm’s way, at least a good distance from the devastating energy that is undoubtedly pending. Not only will your energy flow serve you well in the coming months, but your awareness of greater function, meaning, and purpose in this life will enable you to choose to keep going no matter what seeks to interrupt your life, and the life of the world as you now know it.

I do not mean to promote darkness, but I do intend that growth continue, no matter what impending darkness looms. But it is your choice, hesitate or move forward? I offer you all this knowledge that it may serve you to continually seek your spirit connection and your new highest self, for your highest good.