#123 Continue the Work on the Self

Dear Jeanne,
Any message for us today?

Continue your activity of dissecting the self. Continue scrutinizing, questioning, and digging into the activities, acts, deeds, and thoughts of the self. Dissect your mind, dissect your dreams, and dissect your every action, until you have figured out why, why, why you function as you now do. Once you understand your deepest issues and resolve your “now” existence, as well as your past existence in recapitulation, then can you move on, grow, and have potential to evolve.

Continue the work on the self. View the self as separate, but also view the self as an entity in the world, surrounded by others, who must learn to function in a multicultural, multifaceted, and multi-thinking society, a society that encompasses the whole world. How do you fit into first your own little world, and then how do you fit into the world at large? Does your ego drive you, or does your spirit drive you? Are your thoughts of growth also thoughts of universal love and compassion, and growth on an evolutionary level? Are you playing a game of life, or are you actually life itself? Where do you fit in now, and where do you wish to be as you grow and change? Imagine yourself as wholeness, as part of the universal whole, and keep that intent uppermost in your thoughts as you seek to grow. With pure intent and good work will your imagined future self soon be the you of now. Future self will await as long as necessary. Your job is to do the work as you navigate life, as you learn to flow, and become easy in your dealings with others, as you begin to feel your true energy as it flows with all energy. Seek your river of calm within yourself. Seek destiny of your spirit self in all energy and you will do well today and all days.