#122 Facilitators

Dear Jeanne,
Any guidance today?

Continue your reprieve or go on to your next challenge. No one can make the decision for you, though circumstances, or the necessity of continued movement in a desired direction may push you to act quickly and decisively for your own good and your own growth.

Though no one else can do the work for you, consider those in your life as facilitators. They aid and abet you on your journey, opening doors, and pointing out the possibilities that exist for your choosing. But even though you may have the best of facilitators, whether well intentioned or petty tyrants, always is the decision to act your choice.

Facilitators may present the facts to you, the blatant truth, or they may present you with a lie in order for you to discover the real truth underneath. How does your facilitator work with you? You think you have no facilitators? Well, my dears, think again! Everyone you come in contact with is a facilitator of some sort, but those of magnitude are the ones closest to us, and regularly part of our lives. No matter what our relationship with others, whether strained or flowing, is there opportunity for confrontation, meaning to be abstracted, and growth to be confronted. Do you choose now to continue your reprieve, or are you ready for your next challenge? Who grants you this choice? You do, of course, but also the energy of the day, and the facilitators who appear to you today to nudge you along.

What will your choice be? Make the decision that is truly right, aligned with your mature spirit self who is on this journey of growth toward wholeness. This is the aspect of the self who should be making the decisions. All other aspects must be questioned, rifled through for ulterior motives, and held accountable for all sabotage attempts, and confronted. See yourself clearly now as many facilitators rolled into one. You too are your greatest facilitator if you remain aware, and continue your hard work on the self. Though you may look to others to push you, though you may look to blame others, though you may wish to blame your own big baby ego for the missteps you take none of that is truly acceptable. Take on fully the job of facilitator now and facilitate you growth yourself. It’s time!