#121 A Day of Reprive

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some words of guidance for humanity today?

Today is a day of reprieve. Sit awhile and contemplate the idea that there is no other greater force in your life right now than the pursuit of your own spirit development. But, before spirit development can really take off must you fully understand all that you have done and all that now attempts to teach you as you travel. A day of reprieve means that you give yourself permission to move on into greater adjustment, into further work on the self, freed of all that has so far progressed, happened, and taught you.

Your life is not bound by the past. You are not bound by the deeds or events of your past. Allow yourself the knowledge that this day of freedom from your past, all connections to old ideas of the self, is a time of necessary growth. To allow the self a day of reprieve is to acknowledge, truthfully, that you are a journeyer, a true traveler of spirit. As a true traveler must you be able to forgive the self, and forgive the past, not with retribution or need of compensation, but simply as a method of freeing the self in order to move on.

True freedom means release from all that has held you back. Your old ideas of the self hold you more firmly stuck than the truth of your past. Release yourself first from these old ideas. Release yourself further from visions, and thoughts, played over and over again throughout your life that have kept you tethered to a past that is finished, done a long time ago.

In recapitulation, do you find a new vision of the self. But, during recapitulation must you also free the self completely from the old images in order to truly move on. Do this now during a day of reprieve. Or take two or three days, if you need it, to seek fulfillment of this task. Allow yourself the freedom of release from judgments, false notions, but most of all allow yourself time for the truth of the self, inner knowing, to come forward now and meet you on the playing field of recapitulation. A day of reprieve means to give yourself a day of rest from your old ideas of the self once and for all. Grant yourself freedom from that which keeps you stuck so that you may proceed in your recapitulation. In other words, stop blaming yourself, and stop blaming others, for your life and where you are now. There is no blame allowed if you are a spirit warrior. There is only work on the self. So, get over it, do the work, and move on to continued growth.

I ask that you be strong, brave warriors. I ask that you unflinchingly go back into your past in your practice of recapitulation, not to suffer, but to learn the truth, and free yourself of the images and the lies, and move on, the veils parted, with clarity, so that your progress may be, not only swift, but your vision clear and direct as you follow your knowing, your inner knowing.

So, this day of reprieve, I suggest, is a day of forgiveness, a day of truth, a day of truce with the old self who is reluctant, or caught, or being a big baby. Forgive the self, release the self, accept the journey you are on, and then, let’s keep going. You have so much to do and accomplish in this life. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to grow into a free spirit, a human being with a true spirit connection, and not only the entire world at your fingertips, but all of infinity too?

Come on, we’re waiting for you to catch up, reach out your hand, and learn so much more. But, if you remain stuck you will miss the energy that is now here to aid you. And that would not be good. Come on, keep going!