#120 Abstraction

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Abstraction is the word for today. The true essence of life lies in understanding abstraction in terms of distortion from the ordinary, as well as removal from the known. By this I mean, that to understand energy, your own and that of the world, must you remove it from its container, the human body, and experience it in true uncontained, and unshaped form. You must abstract it from its considered form and feel it as abstract energy, without form and uncontained.

When encountering the self in such form is there possibility to grasp the greater meaning of life, but also learn the first step in detachment, which is, loss of ego and self-attention. To remove the energetic body outside of the human encasement is to feel and experience the true essence of life. Once this is experienced, the encasement, the human body, can be understood as a mere cocoon in which the life force is enclosed and seeking evolution and eventual escape from. Energy encapsulated in the human body does not need the human body in order to survive, but the human body does need that energy in order to exist. So, which do you think is most valuable? Which aspect of the self deserves the most attention? And which aspect of the self will continue to live on? Not that human encasement that you so desire perfection of, but only the inner spirit energy, which you so often neglect.

The human body requires good care in order for your spirit potential to mature and grow. Do not, by any means, neglect the human body, but do understand this concept of abstraction that I introduce to you today. As you begin to understand the deeper meaning of your own life realize also that in experiencing the abstraction of your spirit energy both from your human form, as separate, and then as free and capable of abstraction in its own energetic content, then do you begin to understand the greater meaning in all things. As you seek wholeness now within yourself, as you seek completion in healing, in spirit growth, and in human life remind yourself constantly that your own life energy is connected to all other life energy.

Visualize your energy as abstract form, simply energetic waves, and all other energy as the same thing, and you will begin to visualize the greater flow of energy world wide, in the cosmos, and in all infinity; eternal, all encompassing, all loving, and all complete; whole, complete, done in such a way that has been sought by many. Many thinkers, seerers, prophets, fanatics, and non-fanatics alike have sought this energy connection, calling it many things. But I like to call it the total abstraction of life energy from the human realm to the realm of all energy; the true flow of life, and the true purpose in all things, to eventually join in energetic abstraction with all life force, all energy, and all notions of completion, merged finally.

But, for today, remain in your body contemplating your next step toward experiencing your own energy as your first step toward learning the art of detachment. I have given you a very abstract synopsis on the greater meaning of energy to get you interested in discovering your fuller self beyond just your body, but I also know that you must return to your body often in order to complete your journey upon that earth. So check in to it, check in to your body, but seek experience of your energy body as well, so that you will achieve clarity in knowing what is meant by energy and your own energy body, separate from your human form. Once this is clearly understood will you be able to disengage from the ego state, little by little, as the reality of true purpose becomes clearer.

Return to encasement in your human form, and abstract your energetic force from that human form in order to practice these two aspects of the self in actuality. Abstraction, study what it really means.