#119 Struggle Away!

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

To struggle is allowed, necessary, and aids you in your growth. Though you may wish for quick enlightenment, rejuvenation, and the honor of graduation to spiritual warrior so must you slow down your enthusiasm to a calm working pace. No one said that work on the self would be easy. No one said that work on the self would be a quick process. Oh no, work on the self is a lifelong process!

As you struggle, remind yourselves that this is your focused path, that you have accepted this journey, and that in order to reap the benefits of every aspect of this journey must every moment count, and have importance, and even be lived fully. Accept every aspect of your journey, especially the moments of deepest struggle. For in those moments do you learn the most about yourself. In your struggles are the barest necessities of your physical self exposed, while at the same time the characteristics of your spirit self are equally felt.

In time of struggle and frustration are you being put to the test, your outer ego and your inner spirit self both vying for leadership. Who will win? Who will take command? Will the ego win out? Will you descend into old habits of negative comfort? Or will you ascend to a new level of discomfort that will actually lift you above and beyond the habits you now allow to reside so close to you.

Lift up your head and look away from the old self now as you struggle. Look upward toward the new self you have envisioned and strive for. Grant yourself permission to step up a tier, ascend a step toward this inner vision. You won’t be disappointed, and your time of struggle will soon sink into the misty past, no longer gripping at you, no longer seeking to distract you from your new path.

Today, grant yourself permission to struggle, for it is necessary, but do not get caught there. Win out over the past, over the ego, and over the distractions that seek to dissuade you from your new life. Stay focused. Stay calm. Remain steady and balanced. You can do this because there is nothing else that really matters in life. Nothing at all.

If you do not allow the self to evolve, what else is there to do with that life? Nothing. This I do know for sure. Trust me on this statement. Nothing else matters except evolution of the inner spirit self to a new view of life that is far removed from the old vision. Seek this new vision of the self; reach for it, and over time is there no doubt that you will achieve it. You all are fully capable. Go now, and test your strength. Struggle away!