#118 Convergence Continues

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday you suggested the word convergence, and personally I experienced and saw convergence happening on many levels. What can we expect today?

Today is a day of utter calm as the next wave approaches. Convergence will continue to be the word of operation for a time to come, but intermittently will calm or turmoil intercede. Waves of ocean water have a tendency to overwhelm, but then pull back, momentarily, leaving a calm in their wake until the next wave builds and approaches. During stormy weather, the waves crash upon the shore in unending pounding with little relief between them. Life and time of convergence have similar characteristics. So do not expect this day of utter calm to last long. In each life will it be experienced differently depending upon which shore you stand upon. For some, will the moments of calm be brief, for others will they give time for reserve of energy. But all must be prepared for the next wave of energetic convergence coming, whether quickly, or slowly viewed far upon the horizon.

Look now for the synchronicities in your life to lead you to the proper shore, to the proper place of work, the place where you will best attack, not only your own inner work, but best withstand the assault of convergence in your own life. I do not mean to imply that convergence will be violent, or anger bearing, for that is not my meaning. Convergence though, may knock you over with clarity, with its truth, and with its meaning in your life. You may feel knocked over, bowled over, or have your feet pulled out from under you as you fully experience the totality of the coming convergence in your life.

So prepare, during moments of calm, for that which inevitably will approach to knock you off your feet, or simply offer you clear inner knowing, and perfect vision that will lead you to making good and proper decisions, and allow you to grow and to progress in your life. All of this is good for today. Do not look for darkness, nor light coming for you during this time of convergence, simply remain open to change, and that will be good. Convergence offers opportunities for change, for growth, and even for abrupt course change. Be prepared, be thoughtful in your decision making now, but stay on your path, and you will weather well this continued time of convergence.