#117 Convergence

Dear Jeanne,
What’s the word for today?

The word for today is convergence, the meeting of all themes, of all knowledge, and of all possibility. Look now within your own self-study for convergence, for that moment when the meaning of your life becomes brilliantly clear, and your knowledge of self is attuned to now. Your moment of such clarity will grant you insight, perhaps only in the blink of an eye, that will allow you to know and understand what your true purpose is. Even this small, quick, blink of insight will give you all that you need to know and fuel your future work.

Look now for convergence, not only within the self, but in all that is around you as well. There is an energy of convergence in all aspects of life about to take place. This will have great impact upon the world, the individual, and energetic flow as a whole. Your participation in your own recapitulation is an important point, for during this time of convergence will it become clear to you how the work you do on the self is being reflected on many levels. As you reach convergence, so is there similar energetic convergence elsewhere in the world, and in the universe. This is not coincidence. This is the flow of energy being utilized and allowed to function, as it should. As you allow yourself access to universal energy so do you become part of the whole, part of the grand scheme of things so to speak. And this, my dears, is valuable insight. For as you become aware that you are indeed part of the whole so do you gain more knowledge of energy, of energetic flow, and convergence, and how all things are connected, at every level. Even your own life is connected to that which is happening in the heavenly bodies, the planets, the energy of magnetic pull, and the flow of power that exists in thought, action, word, and the deeds of every person upon that earth.

But, awareness is the only thing that will grant you this insight. And awareness of self is what you are working on so diligently now. For even as you read my messages so are you tapping in to the energy that will inevitably converge. And when it does, so must you know that it is the same energy that pushes you to work on your own inner knowing, and requests such focus, and diligent work from you so that your life, your past, your present and your future may one day soon converge in a moment of clear insight. And then, my dears, will your way be set clearly before you, the truths revealed, and all explanation clarified so that you may be granted knowledge of how to proceed from now. Then will the choice be yours, whether to take the new path, or stay upon the old.

Good luck. Do not harbor fear for that moment of convergence, it is not only necessary, but life giving. When you reach this point in your own life will your knowing guide you, but it is up to you, the human being, to choose the path. What will you do?