#116 Participation

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

A short message today, to keep you upon your path, is what I offer. Difficulties arise, struggles ensue, old habits of rejection of the self will also become apparent, but these things must not hold you from your truth. Though frustration, and perhaps even boredom with confronting the old self once again, may factor in to your recapitulation do not allow these minor infractions to impinge upon your progress.

I expect bravery from you as you enter into the new habit of recapitulation, but I also expect that, from your new adult place of understanding, you will go easy on yourself, doing what you can handle, not overdoing so that you get caught there, and removing yourself quickly when the time is right. Then, you step back in to now, fully aware and centering, before pondering the meaning of your encounter with your past self.

This is all meaningful. Do not doubt that whatever you encounter on your journey into recapitulation is extremely valid and valuable for you. Even though you may not clearly understand, or even acknowledge, that you have learned anything new so will it later become apparent that you are changing daily as you make your way.

A journey is not a happy-go-lucky event at every step, but it is a meaningful event at every step. Your participation is all that is required. So, today, I continue to urge your participation in your growth to spirit, and spiritual, awareness. Even though you may doubt or reject my urgings, so do I ask that you go along with me for a while before you dismiss me entirely.

As you participate, question everything you encounter, but question it differently. Recapitulation is about not only seeking clarity, but also it is about gaining a new perspective on the self, the self as a journeyer who knows that every aspect of the past was meaningful and got you to now, to where you are now. So, piece together the puzzle of yourself now, knowing that a whole clear picture will emerge as you find each piece, place it correctly, and see your journey clearly emerge as meaningful and, even more than that, as truly meant to be exactly what it was and continues to be. But, all of this requires your participation in the process of recapitulation and growth. The reward for such hard work will be a new lightness, a new ease in life, but best of all, a new complete understanding of the self as journeyer; and you will look forward to life ahead of you with enthusiasm and readiness for adventure in a totally new way. Life is meaningful at every step of the way, but with your participation will life be much more fulfilling and satisfying, and joyous too!