#115 Recapitulation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for us today?

Do not harbor guilt. Do not impose upon the self feelings of guilt, resentment, or regret for the past; the past is done. As you recapitulate, seek instead clarity and truth of vision, and in your investigations be truth-seeking. Do not allow the old habits to guide you to old hideouts of safety, but allow your new emerging self to clearly bring you to a new vision and a new center of calm as you go through the process of discovery of the truth of the self.

This process that I urge upon you is so necessary, though I know it is difficult to weather as you review your past, the past you had closed the door on, for good, you thought. Go now, one final time, into your past, and gather, with clear vision, clear thinking, and clear understanding, all the truths that reside there in the shadows. Expect your past to be different from your memory of it, and you will go into it with the proper attitude. Go into it caught by the old ideas and you may not be open to receive the truth. Turn down the covers you have hidden under, open the doors you have closed, push aside the veils that have closed behind your every step and have a new look as you remain firmly grounded in now, in the new you, mature and ready to proceed on life’s journey. But, you must face the fact that in order to proceed must all past secrets be clearly revealed, all bundles of this life’s past upon that earth be sorted through so that you may proceed unburdened. For there will be no progress if you are forced to continue carrying the burdensome past. Recapitulate, then learn the art of detachment in order to free yourself further. But, recapitulation is truly enough work for now.

Do not overload your system with too much at once. I have been teaching you calm steadiness for a reason. Go about your life, and your recapitulation, with slow, calm steadiness and your progress will proceed at the right pace, with enough time to assimilate, digest, and be truly done with it. Otherwise is there the possibility of that old big baby waking up and getting in on the act, and that would be a disaster. Keep the big entitled baby asleep, quietly napping at all costs, and your process will go smoothly. If the big baby wakes up, pat it gently back to sleep, your adult firmly in control and needing quiet contemplative calm in order for the work of the true self to take place.

This is a lot for today. Recapitulation is the word, but also the most important step to take as you progress to true spirithood. Keep working, ask for help when you need it, and be guided by the signs in your life. I cannot stress this enough, my friends. Be calm and steady as you go. Slow down, find your rhythm, and proceed into your past fully engaging the terms of recapitulation as I have defined. Good Luck!