#139 Dethrone Your Unhappiness

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

Do not allow unhappiness to rule your life or take over your personality or your cultivation of the self. Unhappiness is merely a tool, if used correctly, to aid you in your growth, but if used unwisely will merely aid in keeping you blocked and attached to your past. Do not hold this trait as king in your life. Do not place a crown upon its head and allow it to reign with unstoppable terror and with ruleless law. It does not deserve such high praise, not does it deserve such power.

Turn it to useful slavery instead. Remove the crown and make your unhappiness work for you as an investigative tool, digging into the deeper self with it to find out why you choose to wear its crown upon your head when it does you no good. Remove it, and turn it upside down now, and view it as a bowl or coffer, and pour into it all your woes of the ego self, the desires that want to rule and dominate, and leave them there upon the ground as you wander your path, wondering about your decisions and your choices to harbor such self annihilating kings upon their thrones. Dethrone your unhappiness and your doubts. Dethrone your victims and your big babies, and seat upright, in command, your spirit seeking self, who will command rightly, with tools that guide, seeking growth, normalization, and balance.

Do you wish to remain imbalanced? Do you wish to wallow in unreasonable sadness? Why? There is no growth there, only stagnancy, and such behavior does not serve you well, nor does it make your demeanor attractive to others. Unseat the old kings, the old rulers now. Overturn the thrones, defrock the perpetrators who have overtaken your kingdom, and begin to take command now from a new place of clarity, with personal growth and balanced living your first priorities. Seek a new domination of the self, allowing the spirit to reside as ruler, and your unhappiness will fall far behind you, as it finds no raiment awaiting it, or food feeding it any longer. Leave it behind as you take off the cloak of old and take on the new garments of self-discovery. Your treasures are as yet hidden, buried, yet to be uncovered and discovered.

Work your way forward now to new life. Keep focused on growth, and watch yourself day by day as you allow for change, and awareness of yourself as changing, to kick in and be your motivator rather than that old unhappiness. Replace your king and liberate your kingdom.