#140 Be Mellow Yellow

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance today?

Be mellow yellow, a color of consequence, a state of importance. Be calm and steady, feet planted, yet also be as brilliant and as focused as the golden sun upon the earth. Allow your intent to be truthful and real, of importance, and necessary for your growth. Do not pretend, nor suggest something that is not deeply significant and from the heart of you. Do not play games, either with yourself or others, but stick to your path, your plan for evolutionary growth.

Be mellow yellow in your firm balance upon that earth, but also in your firm commitment to your inner self. Why must there be such strife upon that earth? Where is the mellow calmness that does truly reside inside each of you? Where is the connection to spirit energy that is so valuable and so necessary? Seek first your own connection to your own mellow brilliance. Find your inner warmth and send it down to your feet that connect you to that earth.

Disregard pulls from outside of you that seek to disrupt your focus. Do not be distracted or drawn too far from your path, especially at this time of tremendous energetic growth. Remain firmly upon your own set path, even as you face the challenges in your life, and the challenges to your intent. If your intent is to connect to energetic spirit energy, then stay focused there. If your intent is to connect within, then stay focused there. If your intent is to give of your energy to others, then stay focused there. But remember, that no matter what you seek, do so with conscious intent, supremely balanced, truthfully real, and with mellow temper and brilliant gold inside you leading you on your way.

As always, I stress balance, and that must be your focus, no matter what the details of your life produce for you to contend with. From a balanced, mellow place will you have easier access to your own inner truths, be able to clearly observe life and lives around you, and proceed on your journey with golden yellow color of compassion guiding your way. Be faithful to your self, your journey, your duties in life. Walk your path calmly, but firmly, knowing that you have chosen with proper intent the path you now walk. And if you are not sure, then I invite you to change. That, my dears, is what life is all about, change! Shine your golden light elsewhere, and search for equally golden resonant light in return, whether it be in work, relationship, or personal growth. If your path does not suit you, then seek another, but do so with mellow steadiness, and golden compassionate decisiveness. Then do you act from your truth, your honesty, and your place of true loving. Go mellow now, and find your inner yellow light of consequence. Fix it on your inner truth, then act from there before you act from anywhere else. For that is the place to lead your life from, your calm inner knowing. Trust the truth of your inner you, and allow it to lead you where you need to go.

I too chose my path, and this is what I do now, offer guidance on a universal level, without personal connection or gain, and only with joyous, compassionate love and gratitude for the opportunity to serve you this lovely platter of spirit energy food. I invite you to continue feasting upon it, offering you sustenance to feed your soul. You can never overeat from this platter! Enjoy! Manga!