#111 Raise Your Awareness

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for humanity today?

Guidance may come in many forms. Learn to recognize how it comes to you. There are universal laws of guidance and these many are aware of, but there are also very specific and individual means of receiving guidance and these you must learn for yourself.

Messages, such as mine, are of the universal sort, as are many signs in nature and the world around you. The energy is a universal law of guidance, the flow of energetic force as it affects all of you upon that earth, the energy that I have spoken often of. But then, each of you has access to individual guidance from your own unique sources, and this is what you must learn about.

It is not necessarily the same kind of guidance that I offer, but it is more likely honed to who you are, where you are in your life, and how your journey should next progress. As you sit or work upon your vessel, as you anchor for a quiet moment of contemplation, as you lay up for a time of deeper work, raise your awareness so that you do not miss the signs presented to you. Even if the greater energy of the earth carries a universal message, what does that mean in your own life? The energy has been pushing for change, and my words have also pushed for change and, ultimately, growth. But only you know what these urgings mean in your own life.

Some of you know that great change is necessary in your own life, and some of you know that only subtle change is necessary and right. How do you know this? Because you have learned to dare yourself to take on the challenge of self-study, and you have learned to contemplate and remain in balance now. In the future will this balance serve you well, for the energy of change is still upon you and upon that earth. The universal and the specific laws of guidance remain active and energetically connected to the earth, and to each of you as well.

Your time of deep inner work will not go unrewarded it you stick to your plan for personal growth. But even as you do that, be aware that such growth is being spurred all around you. Those of the younger generation, the youth of the world growing up now in this intense energy flow, are an unusual generation. Their time upon that earth will have great and immediate affect upon the world stage as they branch out into life, have no doubt about this. Such a generation has not emerged from the loins of human potential in many centuries. The generations before have prepared for this explosion of energy that is yet to be discovered, uncovered, and allowed expression. The generation of change, of quick and final change is just beginning to emerge onto the platform of real life. Such is the energy that now has gathered that all will be affected by it.

So, even as the entire world prepares, even unknowingly, for change, so have you been made aware of this change now for a while, and you are being given time to prepare. Do not moan about things changing too fast for you. That would be absurd! Go with the flow of change, for that is what the universal laws of guidance have been advising.

So, today, as you work your way through your day, as you maneuver your vessel and discover new waters, look around often, and take in all that you see for signs that are meant specifically for you, guidance that only you will understand and need on your individual journey. This is good. I await your progress, as do all my guiding companions. We look for your growth, your awareness, and your reception of the guidance we offer.