#112 Conserve Your Energy

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

Confine your activities to only what is necessary. Conserve your energy for that which is focused on your path. Continue your truth seeking process of personal discovery and growth. Do not be wasteful, either of your time or your energy. Do not fall into old habits or bad habits, but instead contain your energy for most efficient usage. Distractions may appear to divert your attention and pull you from your path, but maintain your centered balance and focus on the investigations of the self for personal growth. This is where your energetic endeavors must remain focused; and your ego must learn to be calm and contented with this process. Quiet down the big ego, put the big baby to bed for a long nap, and stay focused on your adult awareness, your mature place in the world, and your stable and steady investigation of the self. This is good use of energy today. Stay with it.