#113 The Golden You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word for today?

Underneath lies everything. Do not attempt to keep hidden from the self that which must be revealed in order for continuous growth to be a part of your life. Growth implies eternal movement and change. Do not sit upon the sealed coffers of your inner truth, attempting to keep the lids closed and the truths hidden. This would be a devastating and undeveloping action.

Dig deeper for the buried treasure inside you. Underneath your strict façade lies the amorphous truth awaiting release. Stand back out of the way now. Remove the hard outer protector from the sealed door of your treasure room and allow the gold within, the golden you, to become active and part of your life. The golden you awaits invitation into your reality. Do not hold back this golden truth. Do not attempt to keep it buried, for if you do the weight of it will feel like lead instead of beauty, and light; and the charm that is your truth will never shine brightly upon your day. To carry lead around your whole life is a burden of the ego. Why would you choose that over the beautiful, flowing, golden inner you?