#110 Contemplate Ego Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for us today?

Drop anchor when necessary as you traverse the currents of life and of energy. Allow time for observation and deep self-work. This is best done in quiet removal, with your vessel firmly anchored so that your attention may be upon your self rather than the workings of your vessel.

As you anchor, observe the spot where you have chosen to stay afloat and notice what is in your vicinity. Observe others and the environment, taking in all that surrounds you, for it will have affect upon you as you tidy up your vessel and work upon your self, your inner self and your outer self.

I advocate plenty of work on the ego self, the big baby self, but also the big inflated ego self who seeks to drive you around. Shed false personas. Shed old ways and old attitudes. Shed old ideas of the self, and recapitulate lost memories so that you are freed of them. Do not allow the ego self, any aspect of it, to drive your vessel. Loss of ego is the next step in spirit growth. Though I request that you take care of your physical body, your vessel, I do not suggest that this become an egotistical focus, but rather a practical and sensible focus. Shedding ego relates to that which connects you too heavily to that world, encumbering you so that your vessel is akimbo in the water, listing to one side or the other, or lying too heavy in the water so that you are in danger of taking on water, or capsizing.

Contemplate ego today. What does it mean in your own life? How does it disrupt your journey? How does it hold you back and prevent your growth? How can you use it to aid you, but also how can you do without it once you have finished with it? Seek egolessness as you take your vessel into a quiet cove and lay anchor for a quiet time of observation, self-reflection, and ego-shedding. Strip your ego from you and allow the heavy remnants to sink to the murky bottom. Then advance on your journey when you have shed something that it has become apparent you must shed. Do this often as you journey and, eventually, will egolessness be a fine and normal state of awareness for you to enjoy.