#109 Tend to Your Own Words of Truth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some words of guidance for us today?

Political waves may come and go, but the wave of the inner spirit is constant, not attached to current expectations or commercialism, constant in its intent and in its steady presence. Do not attach to my words because they may seem appropriate for the times or your own needs to be in the flow of what is the next wave. Do not use me to promote your own fantasies of clairvoyance or ego building. I am not attached to such shuckstery. I introduce you to the truth of the inner spirit, and that is all. I am not the wave of the fanatical religions, or God or Jesus awareness. I am only alerting you to your own potential, your inner potential, steadily burning in desire of your noticing of it.

Do not attach to my messages as your only guidance. Please take them in and work them in your own inner world, and utilize then in the context of your own reality, not as the last word or the only word, but in combination with your own deepest truth. Only you know your own deepest truth, and only you can pluck from your knowing the resonance that allows you to understand and grow from my messages.

Do not use the wave of popularity of my words as a mantle, or a foil, for your own work. Yes, I offer superb guidance, that is acknowledged, but your own inner truth is your greatest guide. I fear that your reliance upon my words leaves you unattending to your own words of truth. Use my words to guide you to your own truth, not to take you away from them, but to point out where your own work must be done. Do not rely on my words alone to guide you, for if you do that, then are you not doing the work of the self.

When I encourage you to take the wheel of your own vessel I mean that metaphorically, in the sense that you must be in command of every move and decision you make, and you must own responsibility, and take on all consequences of your actions, and choices as well. But, I also mean that your vessel, your body, is also of prime importance on your journey, and when I speak of your vessel as your vehicle I speak of your physical body, and this too you are solely responsible for. How do you expect to navigate life and weather the difficult passages and the high seas if your vessel is not fit and well honed for such a voyage as life presents? Your vessel must be kept well prepared, well stocked, and well groomed, ready to handle, at a moment’s notice, anything that arises as you travel.

Should a big wave, an uncanny wave, come out of nowhere is your ship ready to handle the brunt of it, or will it blast you to smithereens? My own body, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did suffer greatly upon my journey on that earth. My own inner truth was difficult to perceive, and difficult to handle, and so my body responded to that truth, the truth that it had to bear, the truth unrevealed, carrying the burden of truth until it could no longer make the journey. In spite of my diligence and love of my vessel was it impossible to keep it going. Had I uncovered the deepest truths earlier, perhaps I could have carried along a little further with that little determined vessel. But in the end, my truth revealed set me free to another life, and another world. In telling you all this I urge upon you the diligent behavior of work on the self, all aspects of the self, the inner self and the outer self.

Do you follow my words because your ego self likes to be a part of such a phenomenon? Are you truly using what you learn, or are you simply attached to the idea of guidance from a known entity? If you listen to my words I fully expect that you are also doing the work that is required to encounter your deepest truths. Do not listen to or read my words simply because it is faddish or new wave. That does not suit my preference. My preference for all of you is that you work on the deepest issues of the self. And those issues are reflected in your vessel, your physical body, in terms of your health, your posture, your mental state, and your internal workings. Your body and your innermost issues are in sync, connected as twins, one revealed in the other.

So, today, as you traverse the river of your life, as you deal with what life throws at you, and as you read my words, turn inward and also look at yourself, your vessel, and make headway in colluding on honing both your inner self and your outer self. Both your spirit and your physical self need work. In all cases is this true. Synchronize your healing. Tend to your vessel today, inside and outside, and work deeply on your personal issues, and seek your deepest truths. This is the only way to successfully navigate life.