#108 Uncanniness of Life

So, what’s the word, Jeanne?
Uncanny, Janny! Uncanny is the way of the world and of the energy. You may believe you have everything figured out, going along nicely, in control, and then, FLIP! You are out of your boat, tossed overboard, or capsized by a wave, or a swell that came out of nowhere and caught you off guard. Be aware of the uncanniness of life, the ability of life to toss you off your vessel, to bring you down out of the clouds, and strike you with a new reality without a moment’s notice.

Realize that this uncanniness is very necessary. That the unpredictabilities of life are important markers, and how you react will show your growth, or show you that you are remaining caught in old ways. In order to grow must there be tests and change. Otherwise is life but a boring paddle on a quiet pond, a stagnant pond with little life. Look now out of the clouds, and maintain your readiness to react, and act, according to what you have now learned. When abruptness and change present themselves to you, realize that this is life. Swim back to your vessel, climb back on board, and grab the wheel, and right your ship. Take control and maneuver your way forward with firm conviction to stay on course even though you may be bruised and sopping wet, and even though the seas may be tremendous, dangerous, and rough to navigate. Do not allow that which comes at you out of nowhere to unseat you. Do not become overwhelmed by the uncanny events in your life. Do not become so enticed by outside influences that you lose your steadiness at the wheel. Yes, you may be blown overboard, but the new you must instinctively swim back to your vessel and, at all costs, regain control.

Life seeks to move you along. It will not allow you too great a respite, just enough, and then will it say, Come on, let’s get going, let’s have some action, some change, and some growth. Let’s put your learnings, and your new knowledge, and your new habits to the test. Let’s live. Let’s abide by the new rules of life. And, ultimately, let’s grow.

I offer good advice, my fine traveling companions, but, ultimately, your life and your growth depend upon you, your actions, your reactions, and your ability to practice all that you learn, so that when the uncanny winds come out of nowhere your instinct is honed to perfection, and you know, without a doubt, what to do, to not only save yourself, but return to your vessel, firmly in command, and navigate through the rough waters of change wrought by the uncanniness of life. Good luck in the energy of the day, and in the uncanny waves of life.