#107 Seek Truth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

There is energy now upon that earth that seeks to uncover truths. There is time now to scrutinize and study your own truths as they are revealed to you. What is being shown to you today? What does the energy seek to uncover specifically for you?

Even as the world around you does swirl in frantic daily activity, even as your time of clarity may be brief, seek truth as you go about your day. Seek to find deeper meaning in the confrontations that arise throughout your day. Do not fall upon your knees as in the past, weighted down by old habits and behaviors, but stay upright, bold, and firmly seeking truth and knowledge that are necessary aspects of your growth.

Follow your new abilities to navigate, stay in command, and steer your course for yourself now, finding your way through the channels, avoiding the rocks in the water, and the other vessels that might seek too closely to your nearness. Remain aware of your position at all times so that you do not sway from your course, or get drawn by unnecessary desires. Remain firmly planted at the wheel of your vessel, and steer yourself clear of debris. Your way is charted, your truth revealed, your narrow channel there before you. Your job today is to find it, navigate it, clear the decks, and keep going. Seek Truth!