#97 Proceed With Caution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for today?

Go forward now with trepidation as protection. Use awareness and inner knowing as guides, as I have said, but contemplate also every move you make, keenly aware that each step must be correct and keep you on your path. It is not enough to take action, but one must also take caution, and this is what I ask of you today, to proceed with caution. Do not get caught by the big baby, or the lost souls who wander into your territory of growth. Your goal must remain focused on proceeding as planned, otherwise will there not only be delay, but stopping, and this would not bode well. Delay must be avoided, but stopping must be sidestepped no matter what that may mean in your life. You may have to step over someone or something in order to proceed, and this you will find difficult but right, as your inner knowing will certainly guide you to do so for progress to be made and life to proceed, as it must.

Be not afraid, but do be alert to dangers and blocks on your path. Be alert, and be sensitive, but be focused on growth, not destruction, nor the possibility of decay. Stay on your path. This is good.