#98 Find Fertile Ground

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Stay focused now with determination upon your path. There is little to keep you from it, for in reality is all else that pulls at you but distraction and of little real consequence. Focus on your growth and find richness in that aspect of life. Find fertile ground and nutritious fodder in spirit growth, and leave behind the wastelands that seek to pull you back to their brittle dryness.

There is now much upon that earth that dies and changes as a result of destructive behaviors and boring habits. Do not allow your resolve to be tested by such unworthy opponents. If you wish for excitement and challenge, look for it not in the past or in the unnecessaries of life, but look instead in the rich fertile lands of the inner spirit. That is where true challenge lies. That is where worthy opponents abide. That is where you will experience the greatest tests and the greatest exhilaration of life, of energy, and of true challenge, that will lead you to newness.

New lands await your discovery. New growth seeks tending. Your spirit seeks acknowledgement, acceptance, and nurturance. Where will you find this aspect of yourself? In your calm center, in your balanced stillness, in your calm knowing. This is where your new garden awaits you, inside you, rich, and fertile, and full of bounty. Seek this aspect of the self today and tend it properly; water it, cultivate it, and allow it to grow and blossom.

Swipe away from you the old distractions now and find your newness the biggest attraction now in your life. Focus on that and you will have begun a new garden. Do this for your self now and your self alone, for the self is desiring of this new life. Put aside now the old ways and accept the new self. This is good for today and every day. Seek the new fertile garden of the self.