#96 Be Unavailable to the Undercurrents

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance today?

Undercurrents of energetic resolution will seek to undermine your firm convictions. Do not get caught in those undercurrents though they may tug at your resolve. The solution to such tugging is to remain in calm centered stillness, in firm inner knowing, rather than drawn by old habits which will seek to disrupt the flow of your life. New life is what you seek. Do not waver from this conviction that now must remain your focus. The energy of the universe supports this, but nothing new will happen if your resolve wavers. Stay focused with intent and inner knowing as your stable guides. Remain intent upon your direction, with your path clearly in your sights. Do not look too far to the sides, or behind you, for that will only catch your attention and pull your focus from your new intended path. Life requires firm work and strong conviction. Your firmness must be grounded in your inner knowing in order to both serve and aid you on your journey.

Be unavailable to the undercurrents. Be aware of them and you will be able to navigate life, as you now should. Seek solace in knowing that you do bear the strength and conviction to stay focused, and that your evolution is granted if you remain firm in your convictions to both allow and accept the life you now live and the future you now seek. This is good. Stay focused.